The Academic Center

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While the first semester of freshman year of college can represent fulfillment of long-held dreams, it can also lead to anxious students struggling to adjust to their new campus life. Statistics show that the largest numbers of students who leave College do so at the end of the first-year, and that is also true at Saint Joseph's College of Maine.

The Academic Center (TAC), located on the third floor in Alfond Hall, enables the College to consolidate and more effectively utilize academic services- such as study skills workshops offered by Career Services, writing tutors offered by the Writing Center, academic tutoring within various departments and accommodations for students with disabilities. The purpose of the center is to connect students, particularly those in the first and second years, more easily with the needed services.

As part of The Academic Center, the First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar, which is taught by faculty members, runs during the fall semester and addresses the challenges first-year students face. It highlights resources that support student success in areas of critical thinking and effective reading and writing skills that can be applied across each student's curriculum. By actively supporting students as they transition to college, the First-Year Experience (FYE) helps students grow and prosper as productive members of the Saint Joseph's College campus community and the wider community as well.

For our new students, the First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar is a one-credit, semester-long course that emphasizes self-development throughareas such as:

  • academic enrichment
  • applied knowledge
  • higher-level thinking
  • and socio-economic perspectives


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The Academic Center (TAC) was initially and partially funded through a generous six-year grant from the Melmac Education Foundation in Augusta, Maine to forward their "Early Success in College" initiative. A primary goal of MELMAC is to increase student retention in College, specifically in the first and second years.