First-Year Experience (FYE)

Saint Joseph's College of Maine's First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar, formally YEAR.ONE and First-Year Enrichment (FYE) Program, was originally designed to match a faculty and/or staff mentor to each first semester freshman. In the past, Mentors would meet with students regularly during the first semester and occasionally second semester, assisting them in assessing their strengths and weakness. Mentors also work with each student to set goals for academic success and to connect students with The Academic Center (TAC) and other academic resources available for student success. The program has proven to be a valuable tool for our first-year students and the College as a whole.

After a great deal of research and study on the development of first-year experience programs, The Office of Academic Affairs, The Academic Center (TAC), and interested Faculty have developed a First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar. This is a self-development course, presented under the direction of teaching faculty. The seminar, a one-credit course emphasizing areas such as:

  • academic enrichment
  • applied knowledge
  • higher-level thinking
  • and socio-economic perspectives.

In consideration of the academic challenges facing incoming first-year students, this course also enhances the resources available to support students’ success. The course will be taught fall semester of each academic year. TAC will work with faculty to assess and develop course objectives such as: critical thinking, literacy, and effective writing skills; which can be applied to all courses across each students curriculum. The resources facilitated to students will allow them to grow and prosper not only as a productive member to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine community, but will also prepare them for the ‘real world’.

Where to find information about FYE?

The Academic Center (TAC) - located in Alfond Hall, room 326 and 327.

For questions regarding FYE please contact:
Shanna Webster
Academic Support Coordinator
Office 325, Alfond Hall
Phone: 207-893-7563