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Student Success Films

Students can access these films from either on campus or off campus. To access, use your SJC login (ie, login and password that you use for email, Angel, My Web Services).


Reading Improvement

Strategic Learning

Stress Management

Time Management


Insightful and eye-opening, the PurpleMath Survey is an online self-assessment that will evaluate your math study skills. Try it.


Getting Help With Math (pdf, 56kb)

It's OK not to know. This helps you ask for help.

Math Homework (pdf, 52kb)

Ways to have low-stress and success.

Math Study Skills (pdf, 56kb)

Efficient and effect strategies.

Solving Math Problems (pdf, 60kb)

Real-world solutions to real-world issues of solving math problems.

Studying For A Math Test (pdf, 52kb)


Taking A Math Test (pdf, 56kb)

If you read anything about college math skills, read this one.


Wicked-good guides to help you through the process.

Four Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills (pdf, 24kb)

Short. Sweet. Effective.

Grammar and Style for College Papers (pdf, 32kb)

Make your paper shine with these guidelines.

How to Avoid Plagiarism (pdf, 36kb)

The deadliest of academic sins. Strategies that will make your paper yours.

Adapted from the article “How to Avoid Plagiarism: Give Credit Where Credit’s Due.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

Proofread and Format College Papers (pdf, 32kb)

The simplest and most effective trick is also the most overlooked.

Adapted from the article “Proofread and Format College Papers: Presentation Matters.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

The Keys to Effective Writing (pdf, 40kb)

Real-world and real good.

Adapted from the article “The Keys to Effective Writing: Tips for Tackling Your Essays and Papers.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

Study Planning

Here are some important tools to help with how to plan your study time.

Time Saving Tips (pdf, 32kb)

Eighteen good ones.

Time Management Strategies (pdf, 36kb)

Important factors that all schedules need in order for them to be realistic and effective.

Setting Up a Study Schedule (pdf, 24kb)

Important list to help you get started. Here are two blank schedules you can use right away:

•Weekly Study Schedule (pdf, 120kb)

•Semester Study Schedule (pdf, 92kb)

The Problem of Procrastination (pdf, 300kb)

How to recognize it. How to deal with it. Read it. Now.

Study Skills

Tools and tips on improving your ability to study well.

Learning to Concentrate (pdf, 48kb)

Some thoughts from Walter Pauk to aid you in learning to concentrate.

Remembering in Class (pdf, 24kb)

Become more efficient in your studies.

Note Taking Systems (pdf, 168 kb)

Five different methods from the experts.

Note Taking Tips (pdf, 40 kb)

Quick but essential real-world helpers.

Study Habits That Stick (pdf, 20kb)

A personal reflection about studying ("After the fiasco of the first test...")

The Study Nerd Rules (pdf, 28kb)

4 1/2 critical rules where that one-half is the most important.

Take Control of Your Homework (pdf, 32kb)

...before it controls you.

Adapted from the article “Take Control of Homework: So It Doesn’t Control You.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

Exam Prep

You are not alone! Exams are the single most noted event to bring about anxiety and difficulty in students.

Important online tips and suggestions for getting the best results from a quiz or test.

Overcoming Test Anxiety (pdf, 24kb)

Too anxious to study? Read this. It will help and it won't make you anxious.

Take Exams Like a Pro (pdf, 28kb)

A "try" and "why" list of proven techniques on actually taking exams - by students for students.

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep (pdf, 24kb)

How can sleeping...or not sleeping...affect your test results?

Prepping for Exams (pdf, 24kb)

Another a "try" and "why" list of ways to successfully prepare for exams - by students for students

Doing Your Best On College Exams (pdf, 32kb)

Tips and tricks for before, during and AFTER the exam.

Adapted from the article “How to Do Your Best on College Exams: Tips & Techniques for Before, During, and After.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

Just College

Some helpers about living the life of a successful student.

Terrific web resource Plan For College: College Success. Has many useful and important strategies.

College Survival Tips (pdf, 24kb)

The Common Motivational Cold (pdf, 36kb)
Adapted from the article “The Common Motivational Cold: Achoo! I’m Bored.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com

Communication Skills (pdf, 28kb)

Get to Know Your Professors (pdf, 20kb)
Adapted from the article “Get to Know Your College Professors: Cultivating Relationships with Faculty.” © 2006 collegeboard.com. Reprinted with permission. Visit www.collegeboard.com