Economic Impact

Saint Joseph's College - a substantial economic enterprise.

  • Assets of approximately $62 million.
  • Annual operating budget of approximately $46 million. 
  • Employs 601 people (full and part time) whose salaries and benefits total nearly $40 million. 
  • Full-time equivalent employment of 288 in Maine.

Counting its annual budget of $46 million as sales, the college is among the larger businesses in the Greater Portland economy.

Saint Joseph's College - an attraction.

  • Attracts students from all over Maine and many from outside Maine.
  • Nearly 1,000 full-time equivalent students on its campus in Standish, Maine.
  • Approximately 3,072 students worldwide in 2013 participating in distance education through Saint Joseph's College Online. 
  • Some students rent apartments and homes in the lakes region. 
  • Students and their visitors spend money in the local economy, adding approximately $1.8 million to the purely business impact of the college.

Saint Joseph's College - creator of human capital.

  • In total, 3,015 of Saint Joseph's 15,487 graduates currently reside in Maine providing the state with the employment, income, home ownership and civic engagement qualities associated with college graduates.

These contributions while virtually impossible to measure and add to an impact statement, nevertheless represent the fundamental benefit deriving from a Saint Joseph's College degree.