Fall Travel

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School Date Time Counselor
Ridgefield High School 10-1-2014 8:13am Diana Huppe
New Canaan  High School 10-1-2014 9:30am Diana Huppe
Darien High School 10-1-2014 10:30am Diana Huppe
Norwalk High School 10-1-2014 11:30am Diana Huppe
Fairfield High School 10-2-2014 8:30am Diana Huppe
Fairfield Ludlowe High School 10-2-2014 9:21am Diana Huppe
Fairfield College Preparator 10-2-2014 10:15am Diana Huppe
Montville High School 10-4-2014 9:30am Diana Huppe
Robert E Fitch Sr High School 10-4-2014 10:30am Diana Huppe
Daniel Hand High School 10-9-2014 8:30am Diana Huppe
Old Saybrook Sr High School 10-9-2014 9:30am Diana Huppe
Westbrook High School 10-9-2014 11:00am Diana Huppe
Guilford High School 10-9-2014 12:08pm Diana Huppe
Valley Regional High School 10-10-2014 8:30am Diana Huppe
Mark T Sheehan High School 10-10-2014 10:30am Diana Huppe
Coginchaug Regional High School 10-10-2014 11:00am Diana Huppe
Immaculate High School 10-15-2014 9:20am Diana Huppe
New Milford High School 10-15-2014 10:30am Diana Huppe
Bethel High School 10-15-2014 1:20pm Diana Huppe
Holy Cross High School 10-16-2014 9:00am Diana Huppe
John F Kennedy High School   10-16-2014 10:00am   Diana Huppe
Chase Collegiate School 10-16-2014 11:00am Diana Huppe
Kent School High School 10-17-2014 8:50am Diana Huppe
South Kent School 10-17-2014 10:15am   Diana Huppe
Bristol Central High School 10-27-2014 10:27am Diana Huppe 
Saint Paul Catholic High School 10-27-2014 11:15am Diana Huppe
Rocky Hill High School 10-28-2014 8:45am Diana Huppe
Xavier High School 10-28-2014 10:00am Diana Huppe
Mercy High School 10-28-2014 11:00am Diana Huppe
Cheshire High School 10-28-2014 2:00pm Diana Huppe
University High School Of Sci/Eng 10-29-2014 9:30am Diana Huppe
Simsbury High School 10-29-2014 10:30am Diana Huppe
Northwestern Reg High School 10-29-2014 12:30pm Diana Huppe
Coventry High School 10-30-2014 8:30am Diana Huppe
Ellington High School 10-30-2014 10:00am Diana Huppe
Tolland High School 10-30-2014  11:30am Diana Huppe
Stafford High School 10-30-2014  1:00pm Diana Huppe
Woodstock Academy 10-31-2014  9:00am Diana Huppe
Hyde School Woodstock 10-31-2014  10:00am Diana Huppe
Putnam High School  10-31-2014  10:40am Diana Huppe
Marianapolis Prep School  10-31-2014  11:30am Diana Huppe


School Date Time Counselor
Cheverus High School 9-24-2014 9:00am Diana Huppe
Catherine McAuley High School 9-25-2014 8:45am Diana Huppe
Deering High School 9-25-2014 10:00am Diana Huppe
Casco Bay High School 9-25-2014 11:00am Diana Huppe
Bonny Eagle High School 9-25-2014 12:45pm Diana Huppe
Biddeford High School 9-29-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Thornton Academy 9-30-2014 9:30am Diana Huppe
Mount Ararat School 9-30-2014 9:30am Matthew Barry
York High School 10-2-2014 1:30pm David Beriau
Old Orchard Beach High School 10-3-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Kennebunk High School 10-3-2014 10:30am David Beriau
Wells High School 10-2-2014 12:15pm David Beriau
Marshwood High School 10-17-2014 10:15am David Beriau
Lee Academy 10-27-2014 8:30am Jonathan Horgan
Mattanawcook Academy   10-27-2014  9:30am Jonathan Horgan
Schenck High School   10-27-2014  12:00pm Jonathan Horgan 
Stearns High School   10-27-2014  1:00pm Jonathan Horgan 
Caribou Senior High School   10-28-2014  8:25am Jonathan Horgan 
Ashland Community High School 10-28-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan 
Houlton High School 10-28-2014 1:00pm Jonathan Horgan 
Penquis Valley High School   10-29-2014 9:00am Jonathan Horgan 
Foxcroft Academy 10-29-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan
Dexter Regional 10-29-2014 12:30pm Jonathan Horgan
Orono High School 10-30-2014 8:30am Jonathan Horgan 
Bangor High School 10-30-2014 9:30am Jonathan Horgan
Brewer High School 10-30-2014 11:30am Jonathan Horgan
John Bapst Memorial High School 10-31-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan
Hermon High School 10-31-2014 11:00am Jonathan Horgan
Hampden Academy 10-31-2014 1:30pm Jonathan Horgan
Oak Hill High School 11-6-2014 1:30pm Robert LaRoche
Edward Little High School 11-10-2014 9:15am Robert LaRoche
Lake Region High School 11-10-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan
Saint Dominic Regional High School 11-10-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
Poland Regional High School 11-10-2014 11:30am Jonathan Horgan
Lewiston High School 11-10-2014 12:00pm Robert LaRoche
Leavitt Area High School 11-10-2014 8:00am Robert LaRoche
Lisbon High School 11-12-2014 9:15am Robert LaRoche
Westbrook High School 11-12-2014 11:15am Robert LaRoche
GorhamHigh School 11-12-2014 12:30pm Robert LaRoche


School Date Time Counselor
Weymouth High Sch/Vo Tec 9-24-2014 8:24am Jonathan Horgan
Waltham Senior High School 9-24-2014 11:00am Matthew Barry
South Shore Voc-Tech High Sch 9-24-2014 1:45pm Matthew Barry
Wahconah Regional High School 9-25-2014 10:00am Kate Chamberlain
Gloucester High School 9-25-2014 11:00am Matthew Barry
High School Of Commerce 9-25-2014 1:30pm Kate Chamberlain
Manchester Junior-Senior High School 9-25-2014 12:00am Matthew Barry
Scituate High School 9-26-2014 9:00am Jonathan Horgan
Hull Jr/Sr High School 9-26-2014 11:10am Jonathan Horgan
Cohasset Jr-Sr High School 9-26-2014 2:10pm Jonathan Horgan
Newton South High School 10-1-2014 8:30am Matthew Barry 
Cathedral High School 10-1-2014 12:15pm Matthew Barry
Chelmsford High School 10-2-2014 8:33am Matthew Barry
Tyngsboro Junior-Senior High School 10-2-2014 9:30am Matthew Barry
Dracut Senior High School 10-2-2014 11:00am Matthew Barry 
Presentation Of Mary Academy 10-2-2014 12:00pm Matthew Barry 
Millis High School 10-2-2014 12:20pm Jonathan Horgan
Walpole High School 10-2-2014 2:00pm Jonathan Horgan
Winchester High School 10-2-2014 2:15pm Matthew Barry 
Dighton-Rehoboth Regl High School 10-3-2014 9:00am Jonathan Horgan
Medfield High School   10-3-2014 11:15am Jonathan Horgan
Archbishop Williams High School 10-6-2014 9:15am Jonathan Horgan
Hingham High School 10-6-2014 1:00pm Jonathan Horgan
Acton-Boxborough Regional High School 10-7-2014 8:15am Matthew Barry 
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School 10-7-2014  9:30am Matthew Barry 
Marlboro High School 10-7-2014  10:45am Matthew Barry 
Montrose School 10-7-2014  12:55pm Matthew Barry 
Cardinal Spellman High School   10-8-2014 8:00am Jonathan Horgan
East Bridgewater High School   10-8-2014 9:30am Jonathan Horgan 
Westwood High School 10-8-2014  9:16am Matthew Barry 
Lexington High School 10-8-2014 11:50am Matthew Barry
Tewksbury Memorial High School 10-8-2014 1:00pm Matthew Barry 
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School 10-8-2014 2:00pm Jonathan Horgan
Lynn Classical High School 10-9-2014  11:45am Matthew Barry 
North Andover High School 10-10-2014  12:00pm Matthew Barry 
Andover High School 10-10-2014  1:30pm Matthew Barry 
Springfield Central High School  10-14-2014 8:00am Kate Chamberlain
Hopkins Academy 10-14-2014 10:30am Kate Chamberlain
Danvers High School 10-14-2014  1:00pm Matthew Barry 
Lowell Catholic High School 10-16-2014  8:30am Matthew Barry 
Central Catholic High School 10-16-2014  10:00am Matthew Barry 
Mount Alvernia High School 10-16-2014  12:00pm Matthew Barry 
Saugus High School 10-17-2014  9:07am Matthew Barry 
Austin Preparatory School 10-17-2014  10:50am Matthew Barry 
Wayland High School 10-20-2014  9:15am Matthew Barry 
Needham High School 10-20-2014  10:00am Matthew Barry 
Framingham High School 10-20-2014  1:00pm Matthew Barry 
Natick High School 10-20-2014  2:00pm Matthew Barry 
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School  10-22-2014  12:16pm Matthew Barry 
Bishop Fenwick High School  10-28-2014  9:00am Matthew Barry 
Lynnfield High School 10-28-2014  10:00am Matthew Barry 
Marblehead Senior High School 10-28-2014 12:30pm Matthew Barry
Innovation Academy Charter School 10-30-2014 9:45am Matthew Barry
Avon High School 11-3-2014 8:30am Jonathan Horgan 
King Philip Regional High School 11-3-2014 1:30pm Jonathan Horgan
Franklin High School 11-5-2014 8:50am Jonathan Horgan 

New Hampshire

School Date Time Counselor
Newmarket High School  9-25-2014  8:30am David Beriau
Epping High School  9-25-2014  9:30am David Beriau
Raymond High School  9-26-2014  11:30am David Beriau
The Derryfield School  9-26-2014  9:30am David Beriau
Somersworth High School  9-30-2014  11:00am David Beriau
Dover High School 9-30-2014 10:00am David Beriau
Spaulding High School 9-30-2014 1:00pm David Beriau
Portsmouth Christian High School 9-30-2014 12:00pm David Beriau
Souhegan High School 10-1-2014 1:15pm David Beriau
Wilton-Lyndeboro Cooperative Junior-Senior High School 10-1-2014 10:00am David Beriau
Bedford High School 10-2-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Londonderry High School 10-2-2014 10:45am David Beriau
Campbell High School 10-14-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Windham High School 10-14-2014 10:00am David Beriau
Alvirne High School 10-14-2014 11:30am David Beriau
Oyster River High School 10-17-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Tilton School 10-20-2014 8:45am David Beriau
Keene High School 10-21-2014 8:00am David Beriau
Hillsboro-Deering High School 10-21-2014 9:15am David Beriau
Monadnock Regional High School 10-21-2014 12:00am David Beriau
Conant High School 10-24-2014 10:15am David Beriau
Contoocook Valley Regional High School 10-24-2014 11:30am David Beriau
Hollis/Brookline High School 10-24-2014 1:00pm David Beriau
Berlin Senior High School 10-27-2014 8:00am David Beriau
Gorham Middle/High School 10-27-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Groveton High School 10-27-2014 10:30am David Beriau
Kennett High School 10-27-2014 11:00am David Beriau 
Colebrook Academy 10-28-2014 9:00am David Beriau
White Mountain High School 10-28-2014 11:45am David Beriau 
Littleton High School 10-28-2014 1:00pm David Beriau
Lebanon High School 10-29-2014 8:00am David Beriau
Mascoma High School 10-29-2014 8:45am David Beriau
Kimball Union Academy 10-29-2014 10:00am David Beriau
Hanover  High School 10-29-2014 11:05am David Beriau
Sunapee Middle High School 10-30-2014 8:30am David Beriau
Newport Middle High School 10-30-2014 9:30am David Beriau
Stevens High School 10-30-2014 10:30am David Beriau
Fall Mountain Regional High School 10-30-2014 11:45am David Beriau
Kingswood Regional High School 11-3-2014 9:00am David Beriau
Prospect Mountain High School 11-3-2014 10:00am David Beriau
Farmington High School 11-3-2014 11:00am David Beriau
Woodsville High School 11-5-2014 10:45am David Beriau 
Nashua High School North 11-6-2014 1:10pm David Beriau
Woodsville High School 12-5-2014 12:30pm David Beriau

New Jersey

School Date Time Counselor
Sparta High School 9-29-2014 8:45am   Robert LaRoche
Newton High School 9-29-2014 11:00am Robert LaRoche
Pope John XXIII Regional High School 9-29-2014 12:00pm   Robert LaRoche
Kittatinny Regional High School 9-29-2014 2:15pm   Robert LaRoche
Teaneck High School 10-7-2014 8:30am Robert LaRoche 
Dumont High School 10-7-2014 2:00pm Robert LaRoche 
Mahwah High School 10-9-2014 10:00am Robert LaRoche 
Don Bosco Prep High School 10-9-2014 1:30pm Robert LaRoche
New Milford High School 10-10-2014 11:30am Robert LaRoche 
Academy Of Holy Angels 10-10-2014 9:55am Robert LaRoche 
Fort Lee High School 10-10-2014 8:30am Robert LaRoche 
Pascack Valley High School 10-15-2014 8:00am Robert LaRoche
River Dell Regional High School 10-15-2014 10:45am Robert LaRoche 
Emerson Junior-Senior High School 10-15-2014 1:00pm Robert LaRoche 
Paramus Catholic Boys High School  10-16-2014 8:30am Robert LaRoche 
De Paul Diocesan High School 10-16-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche 
Immaculate Conception High School  10-16-2014 11:00am Robert LaRoche 
Morris Catholic High School  10-17-2014 11:15am Robert LaRoche 
Mountain Lakes High School  10-17-2014 10:15am Robert LaRoche 
Cranford High School 10-23-2014 8:15am Robert LaRoche 
Union Catholic Regional High School 10-23-2014 11:30am Robert LaRoche 
Saint Joseph’s High School  10-23-2014 12:40pm Robert LaRoche 
Old Bridge High School West 11-3-2014 8:00am Robert LaRoche
Keansburg High School 11-3-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche
Mater Dei High School 11-3-2014 10:45am Robert LaRoche
Red Bank Catholic High School 11-3-2014 11:20am Robert LaRoche
South River High School 11-4-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
East Brunswick High School 11-5-2014 8:15am Robert LaRoche
Immaculate Heart Academy 11-14-2014 12:15pm Robert LaRoche

New York

School Date Time Counselor
Blind Brook High School 9-24-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche
Pleasantville High School 9-24-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
Westlake High School 9-24-2014 11:25am Robert LaRoche
Maria Regina High School 9-25-2014 10:40am Robert LaRoche
Iona Preparatory School 9-26-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche
Ballston Spa High School 10-6-2014 10:00am Kate Chamberlain
Emma Willard School 10-7-2014 8:00am Kate Chamberlain
The Doane Stuart School 10-7-2014 10:30am Kate Chamberlain
Hoosac School 10-7-2014 1:00pm Kate Chamberlain
Scarsdale High School 10-8-2014 9:00am Robert LaRoche
Saratoga Central Catholic High School 10-8-2014 9:30am Kate Chamberlain
Ardsley High School 10-8-2014 10:20am Robert LaRoche
Nyack High School 10-8-2014 1:18pm Robert LaRoche
Albertus Magnus High School 10-9-2014 11:00am Robert LaRoche
Pearl River High School 10-9-2014 10:00am Robert LaRoche
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School 10-10-2014 10:30am Kate Chamberlain 
John A Coleman High School 10-14-2014 8:30am Robert LaRoche
Spackenkill High School 10-14-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
Millbrook School 10-14-2014 12:00pm Robert LaRoche
Somers High School 10-20-2014 8:15am   Robert LaRoche
John F Kennedy High School 10-20-2014 9:30am   Robert LaRoche
Yorktown High School 10-20-2014 10:30am   Robert LaRoche
Hendrick Hudson High School 10-20-2014 12:00pm   Robert LaRoche
Tuxedo High School 10-22-2014 11:30am Robert LaRoche
The Ursuline School 10-24-2014 11:00am Robert LaRoche
New Rochelle High School #1 10-24-2014 12:00pm Robert LaRoche

Rhode Island

School Date Time Counselor
East Greenwich High School 9-29-2014 9:30am Jonathan Horgan
The Prout School 9-29-2014 11:00am Jonathan Horgan
Woonsocket Senior High School 9-30-2014 11:30am Jonathan Horgan
Smithfield High School   9-30-2014 1:00pm Jonathan Horgan
Toll Gate High School 10-1-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan
Coventry High School 10-1-2014 8:30am Jonathan Horgan
West Warwick High School 10-1-2014 11:00am Jonathan Horgan
North Providence High School 10-20-2014 11:00am Jonathan Horgan
North Kingstown Sr High School 10-20-2014 1:00pm Jonathan Horgan
Saint Raphael Academy 10-21-2014 1:30pm Jonathan Horgan
Mount Pleasant High School 10-22-2014 9:30am Jonathan Horgan
La Salle Academy 10-22-2014 11:05am Jonathan Horgan 
Classical High School 10-22-2014 12:00pm Jonathan Horgan 
Rogers High School 10-23-2014 8:30am Jonathan Horgan
Portsmouth High School 10-23-2014 11:00am Jonathan Horgan
Portsmouth Abbey School 10-23-2014 1:35pm Jonathan Horgan 
Ponaganset High School 10-24-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan 
Mount Saint Charles Academy   10-24-2014 1:10pm Jonathan Horgan 
Middletown High School 11-4-2014 9:00am Jonathan Horgan
Charles E Shea Sr High School 11-5-2014 10:45am Jonathan Horgan
Cranston High School East 11-5-2014 12:11pm Jonathan Horgan
Barrington High School 11-6-2014 10:00am Jonathan Horgan
Cranston High School West 11-6-2014 12:10pm Jonathan Horgan
Pilgrim High School 11-6-2014 1:00pm Jonathan Horgan
St Mary Academy - Bay View 11-6-2014 2:30pm Jonathan Horgan


School Date Time Counselor
Essex Junction High School 11-11-2014 9:15am Kate Chamberlain
Champlain Valley Union High School 11-11-2014 10:30am Kate Chamberlain
Vergennes Union High School 11-11-2014 11:45am Kate Chamberlain


School Date Time Counselor
Gunston School 10-28-2014 2:30pm Robert LaRoche
Dematha Catholic High School Boys 10-29-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche
Elizabeth Seton High School 10-29-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
School Date Time Counselor
Bangor Area High School 9-30-2014 10:10am Robert LaRoche
Pen Argyl Area High School 9-30-2014 9:15am Robert LaRoche
Pius X High School 9-30-2014 12:30pm Robert LaRoche
Bethlehem Catholic High School 10-2-2014 8:24am Robert LaRoche
Wilson Area High School 10-2-2014 9:22am Robert LaRoche
Liberty High School 10-2-2014 10:30am Robert LaRoche
Pleasant Valley High School 10-3-2014 8:30am Robert LaRoche
Notre Dame High School 10-3-2014 9:30am Robert LaRoche