Freshman Residence Halls

DormitoryEach room consists of two sets of the following:

  • bed (All mattresses are 36' x 80" - extra long mattresses can be requested -36" x 84");
  • bureau;
  • desk and chair;
  • closet area/wardrobe.

Beds in all residence halls are able to be lofted upon request.

O'Connor Hall

A small, traditional-style, all-female residence hall. O'Connor is conducive to developing a strong sense of community and holds approximately 80 residents. The first floor has a lounge area for relaxation, study and socialization.


Room size: 10'2" x 13'
Closet size: 2'3" x 3' x 6'
Window size: 3'4" x 4'8"
Electrical outlets: 8
Laundry facilities: 4 washers and 4 dryers on first floor

Putnam Hall

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roomPutnam Hall is an all-male residence community which holds approximately 20 residents. Rooms 204 and 206 are slightly smaller than other rooms in the building, they are the only rooms in Putnam which have cathedral ceilings. Putnam Hall has two small study lounges on the first floor.


Room size: 15'9" x 11'10"
Wardrobe size: 3' x 2' x 6'2.5"
Window size: 3'7.5" x 4'6"
Electrical outlets: 6
Laundry facilities: One washer and one dryer located on the 1st floor

Saint Joseph's Hall

Built in 1958, Saint Joseph's was the first residence hall built on campus and is a home for approximately 100 female students on three floors. On lower floors, Saint Joseph's Hall also houses

  • the Counseling Center,
  • Career Services,
  • Treasurer's office,
  • Registrar's office,
  • and The Chalet - a gathering spot open for college events and recreation.


Room size: 12'7" x 13'5"
Closet sizes: 4' x 2' x 7'
Window size: 7'6" x 4'5"
Electrical outlets: 8
Laundry facilities: Two washers and two dryers on each floor

Standish Hall

Standish Hall is a male-only residence hall holding approximately 85
residents and has a spacious first-floor lounge. Built in 1984, Standish
Hall is also home to the Office of Security.


Room size: 10'2" x 10'27"
Closet size: 1'10" x 3' x 6'
Window size: 3'4" x 4'2"
Electrical outlets: 10
Laundry facilities: 5 washers and 6 dryers on first floor


How long of a cable cord do I need?
Ten feet should be good, depending on how you set up your room.

Do I need an internet/Ethernet cord?
Every roommate will have one internet jack in their room. You must provide your own CAT-5 Ethernet cable. However, all of the residence halls have wireless capabilities.

Am I allowed to use a power strip?
Students are encouraged to use surge protectors with a breaker.

Can the beds be bunked/lofted?
Yes. There are three different settings that are offered. The beds are placed on the low setting before you arrive. There is approx. 10" for storage under a bed at this height. We have a mid loft setting that allows for a dresser to be placed under the bed. The high loft has room for a desk and dresser under the bed.

Are there specific requirements for refrigerator?
Refrigerators are not to exceed 4 cubic feet.

Does the window open wide enough for a box fan?
This depends on the size of the box fans. We recommend you use a window fan.

Am I allowed to hang things with tape/tacks/nails?
Putting holes in walls and doors is not allowed. We recommend using wall putty that won't remove paint from the walls.

Is there a telephone plug?
Yes, there is one phone jack per student room but students must provide their own phone.