Transfer students

We make the transfer process easy!

Steve GorsunBusiness major and student-athlete Steve Gorsun ’09, transferred to Saint Joe's from a prestigious business college. Following graduation, he excelled in Unum’s first professional development program for high-potential leaders. Here's what he recently said about his visit to campus during the transfer process.

“I sat down with the head of the marketing department, and we talked about what I wanted to get out of my career. This was the first time a professor, who barely knew me, took an interest in what I wanted to do. He really cared. And the baseball team, knowing me for an hour, pulled me right in. It felt like home.”

Here’s what more of our transfer students say:

Colby Houdlette

“The transfer to Saint Joseph’s was the best decision I have ever made!

I transferred to Saint Joe’s for my sophomore year. The staff made my transfer process run very smoothly. I chose this school based on the small community aspect, along with its vastly credible programs. Prior and current students assured me that this school would be a great fit for me. Here, I am involved in different clubs and organizations that are wonderful experiences and great résumé builders. I’m so happy I chose Saint Joseph’s!”
Colby, human resource management

Ryan Terp

“The transferring process to Saint Joe’s was extremely easy and relatively quick.

Probably 75% of the reason I transferred was because of my other school. I was studying construction management and just really did not like it, and thought it was going to be something different than it was. I originally chose that school because I used to live in the city and I love the city, so I thought it would be nice to go back. However, I found that a lot of my classes were full of either commuters or non-traditional (older) students. It was missing that "college-feel" and school spirit. I played basketball and that was a real eye-opener, because not a lot of students went to athletic events and weren’t active in the school's community.

Transferring to Saint Joseph’s was an easy decision seeing as my twin sister also goes here. She said it was a great school and more fitting for what I wanted: a majority of traditional students that live on-campus and participate in the schools events.”
Ryan, sports management


“When I knew I wanted to come to Saint Joe’s, they were so easy to work with in transferring my credits. I got credits for all of the classes I took before I came to Saint Joe’s. I came here because I loved the campus and the size that it is.”
Shelley, accounting