Alfond Center Facilities

Locker rooms

There are varsity/student and faculty/staff locker rooms available with showers, lockers, swimsuit dryers and saunas. Locker rooms may be closed at times when events are being hosted. Notices will be posted in advance and on locker room doors. Lockers are available for daily use only at no charge. You must provide your own lock. The Alfond Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep valuables securely locked in a locker or leave them at home. Any locks remaining overnight will be removed by the Alfond Center staff.

Fitness Room

For your protection, consult a physician before beginning a fitness routine. To ensure a positive workout experience for everyone, please adhere to the following rules:

  1. Sign in and leave ID card at the front desk.
  2. Adhere to the two-shoe policy. 
  3. Appropriate clothing and footwear are required at all times. Acceptable: athletic footwear is required at all times and this includes sneakers, tennis shoes, walking shoes. Comfortable clothing such as jogging suits, shorts, t-shirts, slacks and tank tops should be worn. Not Acceptable: sandals, hiking boots, shower shoes, heels, etc. are not allowed. No swim suits. 
  4. Wipe perspiration off machines before and after use. towels & disinfectant are available. 
  5. Replace free weights and other equipment in their correct location. 
  6. No food is allowed in the fitness room. No sports drinks are permitted- water is permitted in no-spill plastic bottles. No glass containers allowed. 
  7. Do not make repairs or modifications to any piece of equipment, drop or bang weights, stomp on treadmills, or otherwise abuse equipment. Do not remove weights, benches, or equipment from their proper place. Always return weights to proper location after each use.
  8. Always use a spotter when attempting to lift maximum weight. At this time, the fitness room is not always supervised and you are exercising at your own risk. 
  9. Please report any equipment problems to the front desk. 
  10. Misuse of equipment may result in immediate expulsion. 
  11. Must be 18 years old or older to use the fitness room or 16 years old with an adult present. 

Failure to comply with these rules will result in termination of membership.


The Aquatics program has been established to provide recreational swim opportunities for our students, campus community and residents in and around the Standish area. Swim classes of all levels are available for those six months of age through adult, as well as lifeguard training, water safety instructor and other water safety classes. The pool is open throughout the day for lap and open swim, and arthriticise classes. The pool can also be rented for splash parties - they are available Friday 8-9pm or Saturday and Sunday 12-1pm or 4-5pm. Please call Lisa Pardi at 893-6654 or e-mail for more information and prices.

Anyone using the pool must first check in at the front desk. Pool rules are posted in the locker rooms and in the pool.

Pool hours, costs and programs.


Proper non-marking footwear is required to be worn while using the gymnasium. The two-shoe policy must be adhered to when using the gymnasium. No food, drink (except water), or gum is to be brought into the gymnasium except during designated programs. A monthly gymnasium schedule is posted outside the gym and available at the front desk. The Alfond Center reserves the right to alter the schedule when necessary. Notification will be posted in advance whenever possible.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall is free for any student group that wants to set up a program. Climbing wall users must first sign in at the front desk. There is a two-shoe policy in effect for the climbing wall. All climbers planning to use the wall must be first certified through SJC or be the guest of an SJC certified climber. Certification classes will be offered each semester. If you are interested in becoming certified or renting the climbing wall, please call Maureen Lasalle at 893-6617.

Dance room

The dance room is used for fitness classes. You must sign in at the front desk each time you attend a class. While in the dance room, you must abide by the two-shoe policy. More information about programs, times and fees.