Alfond Center Policies

Alfond Center ID policy

All members are to enter through the main lobby entrance and must present their SJC ID at the front desk. ID's must be left at the front desk prior to using the facilities in the building (do not go directly to the locker rooms, gym, etc) and can be picked up on your way out of the facility. If an ID is lost or stolen, another one may be purchased at the Office of Student Affairs. Family and alumni members are required to leave their membership cards.

Two-shoe policy

In order to keep the facility clean and to prevent sand and dirt from damaging floors and equipment, patrons will be asked to carry in a clean pair of athletic shoes and to change into them prior to exercise. Regular street shoes are not permitted in any activity area. Only closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are allowed in the activity areas. This includes the fitness room, the gymnasium, running track, and the dance room. This means no sandals or flip flops while using any of activity areas. Athletes must remove cleats at the door. All individuals using the Alfond Center must wear activity appropriate attire. Bathing suits are appropriate in pool area only.
Lost and found
Found items are taken to the front desk and held for one month. Items not claimed will be given to charity.

Radio use

Personal electronic music devices with headphones are permitted. Music is provided in the fitness room. The Alfond staff determines station and volume. Boom boxes are not allowed in the fitness room.

Equipment Sign-Out

When using a basketball or volleyball, you must sign out the equipment. You must return the equipment or your I.D. will be kept until the equipment is returned.

Food and Drink

Consumption of food and drink is confined to designated areas. Food and drinks (except for water) are not permitted in the gymnasium, fitness room, dance room, pool or other areas designated by signs. Alfond Center staff reserve the right to grant exceptions for special programs.


For the safety and enjoyment of patrons, abusive and inappropriate language, horseplay, and fighting is not tolerated. Violation of this or any other rule, regulation, or policy of the Alfond Center may result in suspension from the facility. All persons using Alfond Center facilities are responsible for any damages to the premises above and beyond usual wear and tear. Alfond Center staff has the final authority involving policy interpretation, behavioral concerns and disputes.


Courtesy phones are available in the Alfond Center Lobby. When members receive a call at the front desk, staff is not responsible for relaying personal messages.