Small Watercraft Safety Class

Boating Safety

This class is four different components but can be taken one at a time or all at once.

Red Cross instructors also offers canoeing, kayaking and sailing courses in outreach at summer camps or to youth groups, and can helps meet you groups need..

Basic Sailing

This 22-hour course develops an understanding of the principles of sailing, rules of the road, self-rescue skills, and how to assist others. (Sunfish Class)
Prerequisite: Pre-course swim test. (25 Yards)

Fundamentals of Canoeing

This course introduces basic paddling, self-rescue, and essential canoeing skills on flat water.
Prerequisite: Pre-course swim test. (25 yards)

Fundamentals of Kayaking

This course covers fundamentals of kayaking, including introductions to the sport, equipment, boating safety, strokes, and rescues.
Prerequisite: Pre-course swim test. (25 yards)

Small Craft Safety

This course provides individuals already skilled in one or more types of small craft, such as canoes, kayaks, sailboats and rowboats, with a core lesson in basic water rescue skills and the knowledge needed for self-rescue and assisting others.
Length: 8 hours


  • TBD


$88 SJC members and faculty, staff and students
$110 Non-members


Please contact Renee Daigle at 207-893-6615 or
to register for this class.