Videos of Centennial Lectures

Centennial Lecture Series

“The Stories of Heroes and Heroines as the Source of Our Hope and the Grounds of Our Promise.”– Fr. Monk Malloy

“A Depiction of 1912 Historical Events”

Centennial Faculty Lecture Series

“History of a mountain range: how do we unlock its secrets? ” —Johan Erikson

“Promoting Critical Thinking: Ideas for innovation” —Gail Marchigiano and Nina Eduljee

"Trekking Saint Paul from Jerusalem to Rome" – Steve Bridge

“Discover Your Personal Brand and How to Communicate It.”– Mary Lynn Engel

“Common Loons: Preserving a symbol of Maine wilderness.” – Camilla Fecteau

“Extreme Shoes and the Promise of Excellence in Renaissance Venice” – Michelle Laughran

“Changing language: Change we can believe in?” – Ed Rielly