Bishop Deeley celebrates special Mass at Saint Joseph's College

Bishop Robert Deeley commemorated the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19) by celebrating Mass at Healy Chapel, located on the campus of Saint Joseph’s College in Standish. St. Joseph, who is the spouse of Mary and foster-father of Jesus Christ, is the patron saint of the school.

“Joseph is, in fact, patron of more churches and schools in the United States than any other saint,” Bishop Deeley told the assembly. “So your school is part of a very special group as Joseph is a very special figure in the life of the Church.”

From Scripture, it is known that Joseph was a compassionate man and obedient to the will of God. During his homily, Bishop Deeley said there is much to be learned in present times from how Joseph was receptive to God’s plans, not his own.

“In Joseph, my friends, we learn how to respond to God’s call to us: willingly. Willingly and humbly. Putting God’s will before our own,” said Bishop Deeley. “As we do that, we become like Joseph, and when we do, we see the core of what it is that we are called to do as Christians. That, of course, is to be like Jesus Christ. We entrust to Joseph in our Mass today, the needs of this college, its students and all those who are here. And the needs as well of the Church here in Maine as Joseph is the universal patron of the Church. We ask him to help us to listen to God and to seek in our lives to do God’s will.”

After Mass, Bishop Deeley met with students, staff and community members who had gathered to meet the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Portland upon his first visit to the college.

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This story originally appeared on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland's website.