Blue Goose, Inc. - Multi Media Intern

Job Title: Multi Media Intern
Company: Blue Goose, Inc.
Category: Internships

Blue Goose runs an internship program… wait, what? You can intern at an insurance agency? What is that like?

It’s not what you’d expect, that’s for sure.

We believe that the days of static, brochure-style websites are long over, and people are more likely to visit your website if you can give them awesome, exciting content. Since a lot of what we talk about at Blue Goose has to do with getting older, funerals, and other not-so-exciting things, it was a bit of a challenge to figure out how we were going to fill our website with creative content.

But that’s where you come in. Have you seen any of the sweet videos on our site? How about the one below? These are all intern projects—100%. We provide the equipment, the software, and the freedom to let you run with an idea and produce something awesome. And then we use it as part of our content strategy. Our internship program is as far away from licking stamps and hanging flyers as you can get. And you’ll have the opportunity to add some real professional work to your portfolio.

We have some of our own ideas for projects, but we’re REALLY interested in yours. That’s why we’re constantly looking for people interested in getting a chance to refine their video and media skills, and see their ideas used in a professional setting.

If you’d like more information or are interested in joining our team, send your resume and/or questions to

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