College adds B.S. in biochemistry and hones chemistry program

Saint Joseph’s College has added a new program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, as well as realigned their current course offerings leading to a B.S. in chemistry.

The new biochemistry major is well-suited for students with life science interests wanting improved skills and knowledge in chemistry. While an excellent major for those continuing on to advanced programs in health science (medicine, optometry, pharmacy, etc.), it is the ideal major for those interested in the continually expanding field of biotechnology.

The new sequence in the chemistry program incorporates both additional fundamental requirements (statistics and biology) and a greater variety of upper level courses, such as Biochemistry I and II, The Chemistry of Food and Cooking, and Forensic Science.

Dr. Nicholas Benfaremo, chair of the Natural Science Department, says, “The sharp distinction between chemistry, biology and even biochemistry programs which existed in the past has become blurred. No matter what direction you may take, all science students need to know the fundamentals of both chemistry and biology. Which program you choose is just a matter of the blend that you prefer.”

The biochemistry program will be open to students in the fall 2013 semester. 

February 6, 2013
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