Course Hero - Internship and Professional Development Program

Job Title: Internship and Professional Development Program
Company: Course Hero
Category: Internship

Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive Initiative, in partnership with Books for Africa, is working to build a powerful academic resource for college students while providing children in Africa with the gift of education and the ability to attain a better quality of life.

The premise of the Knowledge Drive is simple, 1 book is donated for every 10 academic documents accepted. With the help of students across the country we have already donated 130,000+ books, and hope to continue building a brighter future for learners around the world in the coming months and years. We are looking for applicants for our Internship and Professional Development Program to help us achieve our goal.


  • Internship Length: 8 weeks with opportunities for extension and promotion for top interns
  • Flexibility: Interns can work as little as 5 hours each week with the ability to work more depending on their dedication. Additionally, the work location is flexible.
  • Compensations: This is a paid position; compensation is $10 per hour and includes opportunities for bonuses.
  • Shape the future of the Knowledge Drive Initiative.
  • Develop professional skill sets in business development, marketing, and communication.
  • Build an academic resource that will serve students for years to come.
  • Provide critical feedback to help us maintain and expand our strong academic resource.
  • Engage in weekly meetings and workshops with a focus on structured goals and professional development.
  • Interest in Business, Communications, Technology, Management, Community Service, Leadership and/or Entrepreneurship.
  • Ability to overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Well-­spoken, outgoing, creative, and confident.
  • Involvement in a campus organization.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. or Canada without sponsorship.
  • Currently enrolled as an Undergraduate or Graduate Student.
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Able to start within the next 4 weeks.
  • One on one mentoring with a Campus Manager that includes personalized critiques and development plans.
  • Premier Access to our 7 + million high quality study documents.
  • Letters of Recommendation, Professional References, and Resume Development Workshop
If you are interested in with Course Hero to do something powerful for education please send your resume as a .pdf attachment by 9/14/2014 to

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