Course Hero - Internship and Professional Development Program

Job Title: Internship and Professional Development Program
Company: Course Hero
Category: Internship

Course Hero's Internship Program allows students to help build and shape the #1 online academic resource for learners and educators, while simultaneously gaining real world experience and strengthening their professional skill set.

Those that are selected will help lead the Course Hero Knowledge Drive on their campus and will have the opportunity to join and learn within our Professional Development Program at the same time.


  • Internship Length: 8 weeks with opportunities for extension and promotion
  • Hours Per Week: Flexible, interns can work as little as 5 hours and as many as 30 hours per week
  • Location: On campus, you won't need to travel to an outside office or location (during summer, interns are allowed to work from wherever they will be residing)
  • Paid: Yes
  • Spread awareness among friends about our Knowledge Drive initiative, which is building a powerful academic resource for students, while simultaneously donating books to children abroad through our partner charity Books for Africa (1 book is donated for every 10 documents contributed).
  • Show classmates how they can easily help create a better academic resource for students, while also helping to donate books to children abroad, simply by uploading the study documents sitting on their computers (both high-school and college documents!).
  • Utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to drive visibility on campus about what Course Hero is doing for education.
  • Serve as a product and brand expert, showing friends and classmates the academic resources and technology that Course Hero provides.
  • Interest in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, and/or technology
  • Ability to effectively communicate and connect with others
  • Driven to do something amazing for the world of education both here and abroad
  • Current student living on or near campus (during summer, interns are allowed to work from wherever they will be residing)
  • Highly competitive compensation
  • Flexible work hours and scheduling
  • Enrollment in our Professional Development Program (PDP)
  • One on one mentoring with an assigned Course Hero Manager
  • Letter of recommendation and references for future jobs or applications
  • Involvement with one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world of education technology
If you are interested in joining our Internship and Professional Development Program and working together to do something powerful for education please send your resume to

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