Cumberland County Republican Committee Internships

Job Title: Cumberland County Republican Committee Internships
Company: Cumberland County Republican Committee
Category: Internship

The Cumberland County Republican Committee is planning on opening an office in North Windham on May 1 and we are hoping to staff the office with motivated young students 10-20 hours per week, with hours increasing as Election Day nears.

This is a responsibility that we are hoping could be shared by 2-3 students.

Duties would include the following:

  • Volunteer outreach and organization: This includes reaching out to known volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, and sending follow-up thank you correspondence to everyone that helps out.
  • Direct candidate communication: The purpose of the CCRC field office will be to provide support for local candidates to seeking a position in the state legislature. As ours is a citizen legislature, these campaigns are usually a part-time consideration for the candidates and they will require attention to keep them on task.
  • Event Staff: CCRC has a number of fundraisers and rally‚Äôs scheduled throughout the summer that interns would be asked to assist with.
Throughout the course of the internship, it is highly likely that interns will have the opportunity to meet Senator Susan Collins and Governor Paul LePage, as both will have offices in Cumberland County and always campaign extensively there.

Should there be a high degree of interest, other opportunities may be available within the several Republican campaigns across the state.

To apply, email your resume and a short paragraph explaining their interest in the program. to:
Zach Lingley, Public Affairs Coordinator
Strategic Advocacy

Feel free to email or call Zach at 207-902-0179 with any questions

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