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The Episcopal Urban Intern Program is a year of service project of the Jubilee Consortium. Each fall, EUIP gathers a new class of young adults from across the United States to live in intentional spiritual community and to work for change in some of Los Angeles County’s most innovative and effective social service agencies.

Our mission is to raise up a new generation of change leaders for the world–individuals who will spend their whole lives working to advocate for peace and justice for all people. EUIP prepares young adults to become such leaders.

EUIP is part of the Episcopal Service Corps (ESC), a network of young adult year of service programs within the Episcopal Church that work for social change and personal transformation through serving others. Although our program is rooted in Christian traditions, we embrace & encourage applicants and participants of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds.

How We Live:
EUIs commit to a year of living in intentional community. This entails developing relationships as a corps of interns and also as smaller home communities throughout Los Angeles. EUIs eat together, explore spirituality together, serve together, and enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer together.

In addition, EUIs commit to a year of living simply. As our corps serves the community, they learn to live within simple means much like the people they serve. Our program provides housing, health care, dental care, vision care, and an annual bus pass. Interns receive a monthly stipend to pay for basic needs.

The intern year begins the first week of August and continues through the end of July of the following year. Interns receive two weeks vacation, which they must have approved by worksite supervisors. (Interns who work in a school setting follow the school calendar for their particular service site.)

How We Worship:
The Episcopal Urban Intern Program is a spiritual program. Though we are partnered with and are rooted in the Episcopal tradition of examining faith, we accept, encourage, and embrace people and participants of all faiths and backgrounds.

We believe that this year is an opportunity for spiritual growth and exploration.

EUIs home communities are partnered with Episcopal Parishes near their homes. The leaders and parishioners of these churches offer support and guidance to our interns.
Our Partner Parishes are:

  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Hollwood
  • St. Mary’s Mariposa Episcopal Church, Koreatown
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Glendale
  • Chapel of Peace, Lutheran Church, Inglewood
How We Serve:
EUIs serve as full time (40 hours a week minimum) employees at various social service job sites across Los Angeles County. EUIP currently partners with 18 non-profit service sites within the Greater LA area which provide interns with high-level, meaningful engagement with problems and solutions of social injustice.

Areas of focus for these service sites are:
  • Education: providing student support in special education and pre-school, after school programming, athletics, activity/event supervision, arts education, student store management, college chaplaincy programming, college counseling, etc.)
  • Health, wellness, and legal aide in low income communities
  • Food pantry co-ordination and management
  • Urban gardening
  • Community organizing
  • Organization on-line presence and web management
  • Services for children who are emotionally disturbed
  • Services for people who are immigrants and refugees
  • Services for people who are without housing or employment
For a list of our service sites and non-profit partners, visit here.

Why Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is a city in desperate need of service-oriented support. Large rates of poverty and discrepancies in opportunity make the city ripe for servants for social justice. Coming to Los Angeles as part of the Urban Intern Program provides a chance to affect real change both in communities of need and in oneself.

The Episcopal Urban Intern Program is the longest continuously serving year of service program in the Episcopal Service Corps. Our interns have gone on to serve as valued staff at countless non-profits and churches.

Beyond this … It’s California! We have Hollywood Stars ,Santa Monica Beaches, the Pacific Coast, and so much more! Los Angeles is only a short drive away from San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. We have the sun and the surf, untamed wild and urban centers. Los Angeles is a center of Art and Culture and an amazing city in which to serve, learn, grow, and have fun!

It’s the place to be… so the question isn’t ‘Why Los Angeles,’ it’s ‘What are you waiting for?’

For more information and to apply, go to www.jubileeconsortium.org

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