Exercise science major does “boot camp” internship

Katey Kamal '10 exercise science majorExercise science major Katey Kamal '10 of Chesterfield, N.H., chose to take part in an on-campus internship running a "boot camp" for faculty, staff, and students who signed up to get physically fit. She began training participants with a warm-up walk or jog around the track in the Alfond Center, and then worked with them on strength and agility in the weight room. Occasionally she used the work-out stations to teach the participants how to correctly incorporate equipment in their routines, which Kamal says was one of her favorite aspects of the internship. "I like seeing people improve and learn how to use the machines."

At the beginning of the semester, Kamal chose working for the boot camp over taking an elective because it offered valuable hands-on experience. She hopes to become a personal trainer after graduation and says of the internship, "[I was] doing exactly what I'm going to be doing later." Kamal also served as a trainer for a disabled person who was not part of the boot camp but wanted to improve strength and conditioning. That gave her even more experience in the field.

"I like pushing people in areas they wouldn't normally push themselves in," she says of working one-on-one. "Sometimes people just need that extra motivation."

Eventually, Kamal hopes to open her own gym and work with physical therapists during the course of individual training.