Forest Foundation Internship Program

Job Title: Forest Foundation Internship Program
Company: Forest Foundation
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Forest Foundation’s Undergraduate College Fellowship Program offers diverse placements, leadership development, and opportunities at non profit agencies for undergraduate college students. Individuals who have a passion for and have excelled in their engagement with community service, volunteerism, and non-profit agencies are encouraged to apply. The Fellowship Program is comprised of three phases: First Year Internships, a Fall Grant Writing Program, and self-directed Second Year Internships. Successful completion of each phase is needed to be eligible for the next phase.

New for the 2014 Program, a limited number of graduating seniors will be accepted into the program. These seniors will have a strong record of service and engagement from their college experiences and will use this opportunity to sample the non profit sector as a possible initial career path.

Also new for the 2014 Program, while we have forty internship positions, fifteen are predetermined positions at exceptional non profit agencies that have successfully hosted past Forest Foundation interns. Students may apply for these specific positions given their strong credentials for a suitable match. While students may apply for a specific placement, they will also be considered for general acceptance into the program. Click here to view these agencies.

The Forest Foundation Undergraduate Fellowship Program is a multi-year, co-curricular non-profit experience. Students who successfully complete the First Year Summer Internship are eligible for the Fall Grant Program and subsequently the Second Year Summer Intern Program.

Phase 1:
If you are an undergraduate college student with a passion for service, leadership and experience at a non profit agency, you are invited to apply for the First Year Summer Internship Program.

Phase 2:
Upon successful completion of the First Year Summer Internship Program, students are eligible for the Fall Grant Program.

Phase 3:
After a successful Fall Grant has been made, students are encouraged and eligible to create their own non profit internship in the Second Year Summer Internship Program.

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