Fryeburg Fair Trip

A Maine Classic!

Student Activities is continuing the tradition of taking St. Joe's students to enjoy a Maine Classic experience. The Fryeburg Fair, is the oldest fair in the state, students can enjoy many different amusement rides, carnival games, nightly entertainment, agricultural shows/exhibitions, great food and a unique Maine experience.

Students can sign up for the trip starting on Monday October 1st in the Student Activities Office, the trip will cost students $5 dollars and that will included a ride to the fair and admission ticket for the evening. This trip is only available for St. Joe's students and Student ID is required to purchase tickets. Space on the van is limited, sign up early to reserve your spot on the van, because you don't want to miss out on this once a year experience.

The Fryeburg Fair is a week long starting Saturday September 30th running till October 7th for more information about the fair click here to check out the Fair's website.

COME! PLAY! ENJOY! ~ Student Activities

For More Information visit the Student Activities Office or our Facebook page