Saint Joseph’s College to offer graduate education class at Catherine McAuley High School during April vacation

The College will offer a one-week graduate education course titled Curriculum Design, Development & Assessment from April 19-23 at Catherine McAuley High School in Portland. The course will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day during April school vacation. Students will immerse themselves in a week of exploring instructional strategies for authentic learning in a variety of educational settings.

Students will analyze the interrelation of curriculum, standards and assessment and learn methods for judging the effectiveness of specific curricula. The focus is on the teacher as the "architect" of curriculum, and students will develop an understanding of what is meant by the word "curriculum," the orientations to its design, and the ways to frame content as the backbone of a particular curriculum. Students will apply knowledge learned to their specific audiences and reflect upon their own learning experiences.

The course can be taken as a continuing education course for professional development, for re-certification purposes, or as a component in the Master of Science in Education degree from Saint Joseph's College. Tuition is $990 for the three-credit course. Call 800-752-4723 or 893-7841 for more information or to register. Class size is limited, and registration should begin immediately if a purchase order must be requested.

March 29, 2010 Contact Charmaine Daniels at (207) 893-7723 or e-mail