Health Administration program benefits from director’s doctoral studies in health care leadership

Dr. Twila Weiszbrod, director of the Health Administration program at Saint Joseph’s College, recently completed her doctorate in business administration from Northcentral University (Arizona). With a significant dissertation topic and compelling research, Dr. Weiszbrod’s accomplishment adds even more credibility to the College’s program, while at the same time helps to better prepare students for the complex and demanding world of 21st-century health administration.

Dr. Weiszbrod studied the relationship between emotional intelligence and health care leadership. “This matters,” Weiszbrod says, “because there’s huge pressure out there for people to meet the demand and intensity” of leading a health care organization.

As Dr. Weiszbrod prepares to share her findings with the National Center for Healthcare Leadership, her expertise further guides Saint Joseph’s online health administration students toward success. “This will insure that graduates are effective leaders in the health care industry,” Weiszbrod says.

Dr. Weiszbrod received her health care administration degree (B.S.) from Saint Joseph’s College in 2001, and her Master of Public Administration from California State University (Fresno) in 2004. First serving as an adjunct at Saint Joseph’s from 2003 to 2006, she became assistant director of the Health Administration program in 2006, and then program director in 2007. Her leadership has seen the program grow to include studies in Radiologic Science Administration, Catholic Health Leadership and an affiliation with the Benedictine Health System.

February 14, 2013
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