Last Monk Standing Competition

The Ultimate Mental and Physical Challenge

This is the 2nd Annual "Last Monk Standing" competition! Who will be crowned the champion this year? Will someone take the title from Senior Jimmy Kennedy?

Last Monk Standing is a week long event with multiple challenges that will test the average student to the limits of their abilities. What is in it for you? How does $500 dollars CASH sound? Yeah that is right the sole survivor of the challenge will take home all the cash! If you think you have what it takes to be the "Last Monk Standing" registration is in the Student Activities Office.

All challenges will not conflict with academic schedules and will test the student both in a physical and mental capacity. There are no phyiscal requirments for any of the challenges, every student is eligible to participate in the event.

COME! PLAY! ENJOY! ~ Student Activities

For More Information visit the Student Activities Office or our Facebook page