Monday Night Football in the Chalet

Are you ready for some football?

What is better than watching Monday Night Football with your friends? Watching Monday Night Football with friends in front of a HD projection screen!!! Yup that is right, every Monday night in the Chalet the game will be on all the big screens including the HD projection screen that is over 6 feet tall! Could it get any better? Actually yes, Bon Appetit is offering off 50? ALL drinks every Monday night during the game. If the drinks weren’t cheap enough! Grab your roommate, kid down the hall, your RA or the stranger you might on the walk down to the Chalet, it doesn’t matter just make it to the Chalet for the game!

As always the Chalet is open seven days a week from 8p to Midnight.

COME! PLAY! ENJOY! ~ Student Activities

For More Information visit the Student Activities Office or our Facebook page