New major integrating business and sports management

Saint Joseph's College announces a new integrated major in Business and Sports Management that enables students to take a large number of credits within both departments while earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The program will be management-based and provide students with future job opportunities in both a business and sports environment.

Student interest in both fields has led to this joint academic venture that will shape careers in the business aspects of not only professional, collegiate and interscholastic athletic programs, but also those in sporting goods manufacturing and sales," says John Zerillo, chair of the business department at Saint Joseph's.

The Business Department and the Sport and Exercise Science Department are collaborating on offering courses, advising students and developing internships in the areas of business and sports management, according to sports management professor Lisa Ahearn. "The new major is the best of both worlds for those students who want careers in both sports-related activities and business," Ahearn says.

January 27, 2011
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