New Major in Writing and Publishing

Saint Joseph’s College will offer a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Publishing beginning in the fall of 2013.

This degree allows students to explore careers in a wide range of publishing markets, and it comes at a time when students and alumni are contacting professors at Saint Joseph’s for advice on writing, publishing and manuscript editing. With the new major, students will focus on writing for in-house purposes, such as reports, newsletters and planning documents, and writing for a broader audience, like in magazines, books and online publications. It includes a rigorous study of writing, linguistics and literature to enable students to develop practical, hands-on expertise along with a theoretical and literary framework that encourages broad-based growth. This format is strongly career-focused, as it covers many genres and markets. It is built on the truism that no one writes in a vacuum.

The writing and publishing major emerges as an individual program in Maine. While other colleges and universities have classes geared toward the study of writing for publication, this will be a truly unique major in the state’s higher education environment.

January 23, 2013
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