Northcross Group - Project Management/ Technology Consulting Intern

Job Title: Project Management/ Technology Consulting Intern
Company: Northcross Group
Category: Internships

Northcross Group is seeking a Project Management/ Technology Consulting Intern.

Northcross Group is a management and technology consulting firm headquartered in Portland, Maine with a secondary office located in the Washington, DC Metro region. NCG specializes in technology centric projects bridging between technology and business to maximize ROI, ensure security, and compliance in environments facing big opportunities or challenges.

Why Choose NCG?
NCG provides unique opportunity in Maine to gain experience working with national and international clients in commercial and federal markets. The exposure to both private and public sectors provides a blended set of experiences that is highly valued in the national job market. Working with NCG client engagements offers opportunities to work across a wide range of organizations and technologies. You will be working with a highly skilled team that bridges business and technology to deliver the best possible results.
You can start making a difference now by using your skills, creativity, and problem solving capabilities on issues that matter to communities on local, national, and international levels.

NCG specializes in the following areas:

  • Financial Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Energy
  • Healthcare

NCG provides diverse services and opportunities that better link technology and people everywhere. At NCG, your talents will contribute to creating technology advancements in various industries.

The NCG Internship program is an excellent opportunity to learn practical ways how technology connects people; to take on complex technological challenges, witness how technology simplifies daily operations, and be part of innovative technological solutions.  Our internship is a pathway to possible full-time employment with NCG; and a valuable basis to jump start your future career goals.

As an Intern at NCG, you will be challenged with technical projects and developing solutions from a broader perspective that will enable you to learn through experience. All of this takes place in a dynamic workplace environment that encourages individual learning and growth. So become part of it all by participating in this exciting and rewarding program.

NCG Internship Program Details
The NCG program provides a mix of developmental on-the-job assignments, research assignments, and mentorships that will develop the skills needed for professional success and growth. Positions are available in NCG's Portland, Maine office.

The features of the Program are:

  • Work is related to study area
  • Possible permanent position
  • Paid
  • No credit received

How the Internship Works
The Intern will work closely with our staff members and will gain basic professional skills in the management and technology consulting field. NCG will provide day-to-day direction and guidance. During the course of the internship, the Intern will actively be involved in the following areas:

  • Program Management Techniques
  • Business Management
  • Visualizations and Design
  • Technical Writing
  • System Design Architecture
  • Information/ Cyber Security Programs
  • Risk and Security Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Healthcare Management
  • System Improvements

The NCG Internship Program gives the participants:

  • The opportunity to acquire specific skills needed to pursue your professional goals and aspirations
  • The opportunity for hands-on work experience in your field of study
  • A broader perspective on the differences of private sector and government organizations projects


Major Intern responsibilities:

  • Assist project managers and coordinators with building work plans, establishing cost/schedule baselines, technical work approaches and development of project schedules and budgets
  • Assist with preparing and publishing project meetings notes and documentation
  • Assist in process flow mapping
  • Assist with tracking and controlling project plans and project deliverables
  • Assist with audits and assessments
  • Participate and assist with application design sessions
  • Contribute ideas to solving technological challenges


Intern will gain exposure to:

  • Preparing project and analytical reports
  • Management of resource allocation to achieve project milestones
  • Identifying areas of process optimization

The Intern will participate in project planning, coordination, and execution of various projects. Throughout the internship there will be the opportunity to learn a diverse range of skills from consultation to management and communication, and to learn how to develop and implement strategies in accordance with overall goals and objectives of various projects. The Intern will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of IT systems integration and become knowledgeable about business processes and project management techniques.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • U.S. Citizenship or U.S. Permanent Residence status is required for conversion into permanent employment.
  • Attend an accredited college or university and pursuing a bachelor or master degree program.
  • Be able to provide a letter of verification from your educational institution showing proof of that you are currently enrolled at least half time in school.
  • Work experience must relate to academic study (i.e. Business Administration, Business Management, Information Technology, Information Management, Risk Management, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Database Technology, Information Systems, Information Systems/Security Management, Technical Project Management, Software Engineering, Software Development, Finance, Banking and etc.)
  • Because we work in highly sensitive and regulated industries, all NCG interns will be a subject to a background check which gathers information on areas including criminal checks, past employment, educational history, and credit records.


Desired Qualifications:
Any previous work experience will be considered a plus. An ideal candidate will have a combination of technical acumen, client relationship management, as well as analytic and problem-solving skills. Specifically:

  • Rising junior or senior pursuing a bachelor or masters degree
  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking and multi-tasking skills
  • Problem solving aptitude
  • Capable of understanding and driving work thru infrastructure and software development project lifecycles
  • Active listening skills
  • Professional attitude and presentation while representing the company
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communications skills with the ability to work in a team environment
  • Self starter
  • Inquisitive
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office programs (Visio and/or MS Project a plus)


The pay our interns receive in will depend on the education and work experience the interns already possess. As interns advance in education, they may be eligible for promotions based on their work performance.

Are the Hours of Internship Flexible?
The schedule will be mutually determined by NCG and the Intern. However, all interns are expected to work at least 20 hours per week. Flexilibity will be provided to accommodate course load schedules. It is recommended that all interns work for durations of no less than 4 hours at a time if possible.

How to Apply
To apply, please submit:

  1. A cover letter explaining your career interests and goals and listing your current GPA.
  2. A résumé.
  3. A letter of verification from your educational institution showing proof of that you are currently enrolled at least half time in school.
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation (At least one from a current or former employer and one from your educational institution).

Submit via Regular Mail, E-Mail or Fax to:
Vaida Lowell Operations Manager and Internship Coordinator
Northcross Group
100 Middle St. East Tower, Suite #203
Portland, ME 04101
Fax: 207.699.2113

Contact Info: