November 11, 2013: Veterans Day

At various times during the year, we have the opportunity to step aside from our everyday activities and obligations to reflect together on matters of significance to our community. Today, Veterans Day, is one of those occasions.

Whoever we are and wherever we come from, all of our lives have been touched by the service of men and women who have been members of the armed forces. For some of us, they are close family members who we know very well, for others neighbors and acquaintances about whom we may know relatively little. In every case, we owe these veterans a debt of gratitude, part of which is grounded in our attempts to understand something of their experiences.

I am so proud of our College. In addition to the reflective work we do every day, I am seeing community members join together from every part of our College to honor our nation’s veterans. Students, faculty and staff gave their thanks in a College video (seen here:, and a committed group from our community have organized a series of events to assist us in our attempts to understand and appreciate some part of what the service of veterans means for them and for us, individually and as a community.

I hope our community’s attention to this Veterans Day will be the occasion for each one of us to reflect on and recognize what the service of our fellow countrymen and women means to us and for us.

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