Online courses receive Quality Matters status

Two online graduate courses have recently been awarded the Quality Matters status, a national standard for quality in course design. "Educational Leadership" and "Holistic Nursing" were found to meet all 17 review standards.

The Quality MattersTM program, sponsored by MarylandOnline is a consortium of over 430 colleges and universities. All the institutions employ a faculty-centered peer review quality assurance process. Review criteria are linked to external standards, the criteria and process are supported through instructional design principles, and the process is vetted by faculty experts.

Designed to increase learning and satisfaction in online courses through better course design, Quality Matters principles form the foundation of all instructional design work within the online Graduate & Professional Studies division at Saint Joseph's College.

October 5, 2010
Contact: Charmaine Daniels at (207) 893-7723 or e-mail