Planet friendly Earth Day lunch cuts out the carbon

It's local. It's low-carbon. It's yummy. It connects food and climate change (by addressing the issue of carbon emissions and the food system). Come enjoy a delicious meal that won't raise the temperature of the planet. We think that's newsworthy. And come talk to our chefs!

What: Low Carbon Diet Day lunch and top 5 tips to go low-carbon
Where: Saint Joseph's College dining hall
When: Lunchtime on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 11:30-1:30
Menu: (themed to tips got low carbon emissions)

  • Locally produced artichoke ravioli pan-seared and tossed with spring greens, fresh (Madison, Maine) tomato & roasted garlic sauce, and roasted zucchini.
  • Fiddlehead risotto with spring onions
  • Broccoli & chick pea patties with crispy fried onion & sweet ginger sesame glaze
  • Fresh Maine potato crab cakes with spring leek & lemon thyme
  • Chilled apple rhubarb soup with local yogurt and fresh mint

Did you know?

  • The typical American diet consisting of a high percentage of red meat may contribute more to global warming than driving a typical sedan.

April 21, 2010 Contact: Charmaine Daniels at (207) 893-7723 or e-mail