Political science professor wins community service award

Political science professor Steve Aylward has won this year's top Portland Trails' volunteer service award for his contribution to the Riverton Rail Trail in Maine's largest city. "He's the volunteer we dream about ... someone who emerges from their neighborhood with an idea for a trail - and works diligently to make it happen," said Nan Cumming, executive director of Portland Trails. The Kay Wagenknecht-Harte Award is given to a volunteer who has made significant and lasting contributions to Portland Trails.

Steve AylwardIn addition to coordinating and leading the volunteer work effort for the Riverton Rail Trail, Aylward is a Portland City Council-appointed member of the Land Bank Commission that coordinated easements and land acquisition to help tie the trail into the Portland Trails network.

"Portland Trails is a tremendous organization that's crucial to preserving Portland's heritage for generations to come," said Aylward. "I'm very privileged to work with a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers in Riverton who are doing just that, so this award is really theirs, too."

Aylward brings his community-building values into the classroom, as well, and says he's grateful to work at a college that includes "Building Community" as part of its core values.

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