College professor completes community landscape sculpture

Assistant professor of art Scott Fuller recently completed a landscape sculpture titled "Community Spiral" in Saranac Lake, N.Y., for the town's annual winter carnival. The sculptural installation was built with ice blocks harvested from the lake, each weighing upwards of 500 lb., and was constructed in three days with help from volunteers in the community (including inmates from the local minimum security prison!).

On Saturday, Feb. 2, people walking through "Community Spiral" were invited to participate in lighting 500 candles that were part of the installation, and hundreds enjoyed having conversations within the flickering ice structure.

The piece is open for viewing until the closing of winter carnival on Sunday, Feb. 9, when it will be illuminated again. The landscape sculpture was curated by SUNY-at-Canton humanities professor, Matt Burnett, who is a resident of Saranac Lake. To see more images, visit

Professor Fuller earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Maine College of Art in 2006.

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