Saint Joseph's College professor edits new book on baseball

Saint Joseph's College professor Edward J. Rielly of Westbrook, Maine, is the editor of a new book titled "Baseball in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching the National Pastime." In this collection, professors from many fields write about using baseball as a teaching tool in higher education. For example, one essay on teaching social justice examines the desegregation of baseball and one on teaching labor relations focuses on baseball strikes to shine light on the country's social and political history. The essay on how to teach business using baseball is titled "Applying Modern Financial Principles to the Babe Ruth Purchase."

According to Rielly, the history of baseball chronologically parallels the history of the nation and reflects virtually every aspect of American society. "Literature and the arts, race relations, business, gender issues, war, religion, myth and the media are a few of the areas in which the sport intersects with American culture," he says. Rielly, an English professor, wrote an essay in the book titled "Literature and Grammar: Baseball in the English Curriculum." The book was published by McFarland & Company, Inc.

Rielly is also the author of "Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture." He has presented papers at the annual Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture as well as other conferences.

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