"Promoting critical thinking: Ideas for innovation" — Gail Marchigiano and Nina Eduljee

Part 6 of our Centennial Faculty Lecture Series
7 p.m., Viola George Auditorium - Alfond Hall
30 min., 30 min. Q&A

How can we encourage our students to think? As educators, we can guide students to move beyond memorization by designing classroom assignments that promote higher levels of thinking. Discover strategies that encourage the "innovative" part of education - analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, applying, and making connections that promote true learning.

Nursing professor Gail Marchigiano has published research on nursing education, teaches medical-surgical and critical care nursing, and guides senior nursing students in their clinical practicum. Psychology professor Nina Eduljee's research examines cross-cultural attitudes towards technology, comparing college students in India with those in the United States.