Rite Aid - Pharmacy Technician, Part-Time

Job Title: Pharmacy Technician, Part-Time
Company: Rite Aid
Category: Health Care

Rite Aid is seeking a Part Time Pharmacy Technician for theri Naples, ME location.

The primary purpose of this position is to assist the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager with serving customers and maintaining the Pharmacy department. The incumbent is also required to perform all tasks in a safe manner consistent with corporate policies and state and federal laws.

The associate is responsible for the functions below, in addition to other duties as assigned:

  1. Perform all functions and duties of a Pharmacy Service Representative to ensure prompt service in the Pharmacy Department.
  2. Perform computer entry of prescription information including but not limited to: patient search, prescriber search, drug selection, prescription interpretation & entry, insurance billing and basic problem resolution.
  3. Accept customer and prescription information required to process new and refill prescriptions, including refill authorization from doctor offices where permitted by state law.
  4. Retrieve the appropriate medication from inventory where permitted by state law.
  5. Create prescription labels and put them on prescription containers where permitted by state law.
  6. Place medication into prescription containers where permitted by state law.
  7. Complete paperwork related to filling prescriptions and input customer and prescription data into the computer system where permitted by law.
  8. Assist with maintaining the Pharmacy department by keeping it clean and in order.
  9. Assist in inventory management processes including: order review, inventory returns, restocking shelves, and physical inventory preparation.
  10. Administer Rite Aid programs including: FlavoRx, Living More, etc.
  11. Reconstitute oral liquids where permitted by state law.
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