Saint Joseph’s College signs educational partnership with Maine Employers’ Initiative

Saint Joseph's College and the Maine Development Foundation are pleased to announce a new educational partnership that will provide generous new benefits to Maine's employers working with the Maine Employers' Initiative, a program of the foundation. The partnership will provide tuition discounts and a waiver of application fees for all eligible employers working on the higher education initiative.

The Maine Employers' Initiative works directly with Maine's employers to help them support their employees in college degree and certificate completion. "Maine lags the nation in the proportion of adults with college degrees, putting us at a competitive disadvantage for earnings potential and professional advancement, and limits the state's ability to retain and attract businesses. Even if all of Maine's youth go on to complete a college degree, the state will still not have enough credentialed workers to meet future needs," remarked Laurie Lachance, President and CEO of Maine Development Foundation. "Raising the educational attainment of our workforce is an economic imperative. We are delighted that Saint Joseph's College Online is making it even easier for our workers to complete their degrees and certificates and reach their highest educational potential."

Through its online division, Saint Joseph's College offers 14 degree programs for working professionals, including the fields of health administration, education, business administration, nursing, accounting, theology, criminal justice, long-term care, and radiologic science.

Lynne Robinson, director of continuing education and training at Saint Joseph's, says the Maine Development Foundation's Employers' Initiative has raised awareness of the importance of education. "We are proud and excited to be part of this process to help adults complete their degrees. For today's busy workers, convenience is key to success. We are pleased to offer adults more flexibility through online education."

March 1, 2011
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