Three-year business degree sets stage for graduate and professional work

A new track for business majors is being offered at Saint Joseph’s beginning in the fall of 2013. A three-year business degree option provides students the opportunity not only to complete their degree and proceed to a career faster; it also allows those students to earn a Master of Accountancy and other advanced degrees starting in their fourth year, thanks to an accelerated schedule of courses.

Saint Joseph’s College introduced distance learning in 1976, and has since served over 9,400 off-campus students. The three-year business option utilizes this unique strength of the College: Students will attend on-campus courses and take online courses as well. This flexibility is key to the structure of the three-year option, and demonstrates the significant role that both on-campus and online courses play in 21st-century higher education. This program is perfect for students on track for success, and it continues the innovative approach to education that Saint Joseph’s started more than three decades ago.

January 14, 2013
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