TREE Center - Summer Environmental Education Intern

Job Title: Summer Environmental Education Intern
Company: TREE Center
Category: Internship

The TREE Center is seeking a Summer Environmental Education Intern to work in their Summer Camp for the 2014 season.


  • Must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in an environment, outdoor education, or other related track.
  • Must be able to lead and adapt activities to meet the needs of individuals with varying levels of ability and mobility.
  • Must be enthusiastic and knowledgeable on environmental sustainability
  • Must have demonstrated strong leadership, communication skills and be open and flexible to change.
  • Must be able to work coherently and effectively in a team or independently.
  • Must be proficient with the internet and any Microsoft Office package.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects, track details essential to project completion.
  • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions and be active and physically challenged throughout a day.
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
Desired qualifications:
  • Comfortable working and engaging with individuals of all ages including developmentally disabled and special needs populations.
  • Previous work or experience in environment, conservation, or adventure based arena.
  • Personable, self-motivated, organized, and excellent work ethic.
Internship Goals and Purposes:
The intern will work with the staff of the TREE Center to gain skills and knowledge including, but not limited to: developing and expanding environmental education curriculum, teaching and reporting on education sessions, developing and improving partnerships with local organizations and community groups, and improving environmental sustainability practices.

The intern will be receive training on TREE programs and utilize resources to support program initiatives.

Essential Functions:
  1. Work closely with Program Director to develop, expand, and implement the environmental education curriculum for the TREE Center.
  2. Introduce individuals to waterfront activities promoting watershed education and the lakes multiple values, including recreation.
  3. Actively promote safety and ensure that all agency safety practices, policies, and procedures are followed as outlined in rental agreement.
  4. Manage the physical facilities and equipment in the waterfront area (maintenance and cleaning duties as needed).
  5. Attend all training sessions and meetings as needed.
  6. Maintain confidentiality of all TREE Center participants.
  7. Consistently maintain a professional manner, appearance and attitude with all internal and external resources and supports, and maintain a high standard of customer service.
  8. Participate and assist in managing Summer Camp activities such as: kayaking, paddle boating, swimming, boating, and other outdoor recreational sessions.
  9. Follow all Camp Waban, TREE Center, and Waban Projects, Inc. policies and procedures.
  10. Perform various maintenance and organizational duties as asked.
  11. Responsible for working harmoniously with others keeping an open line of communication through team work and be an example to staff and campers alike in speech and action.
  12. Responsible for reporting to the internship on a regular and timely basis.
  13. Work with individuals of all ages and abilities including developmentally disabled and special needs populations.
  14. Ability to work with and manage the TREE Center’s volunteers.
  15. Develop and improve partnerships with local organizations and community groups.
  16. Assist the TREE Center staff in planning, expanding, marketing, and implementing seasonal events such as Earth Science Week, the Great Outdoors Weekend, and any other public events the TREE Center participates in.
  17. Assist in other duties as assigned by the Program Director.
Cynthia Peedin, Environmental Educator
(207) 324-7955 ext. 660

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