Renewing Aid

The College tries to keep the financial aid package as similar as possible from year to year if the family's circumstances have not changed considerably.

Some of the most important factors we consider in our decisions include parent & student income, parent & student assets, family size and number in college.

Some funds have specific EFC or academic requirements that we cannot control.

We recommend that you apply by the priority deadline to receive full consideration.

Students are eligible to receive institutional financial aid for up to eight full-time semesters (transfer credits are included in this calculation) or until degree requirements are completed, whichever comes first. Some federal aid may be available for up to 12 semesters.

Financial aid recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to renew aid. Please carefully review our current policy for students attending our on campus program. New federal rules require changes to our former policy. These changes will be effective for any period of attendance beginning on or after July 1, 2011.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be eligible for financial aid you must earn at least 70% of the credits you attempt (quantitative progress) and you must meet the cumulative grade point average for the number of credits you have earned (qualitative progress). See the chart below.

Credits earned (including transfer credits

Minimum cumulative grade point average required (CGPA)

1 - 43
44 - 59
  • You must have at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the end of two years of study, regardless of your enrollment status.
  • Your progress is reviewed after the end of each semester.
  • If you have not met the required quantitivate and/or qualitative standards you may be provided a warning period.  A warning period may be provided to a student who has not met, but is
    very close to the required standards and we anticipate that she or he
    will meet the progress standards required at the conclusion of the next semester. If you are granted a warning period, you will receive a letter from our office.
  • If we determine that you are not eligible for aid based on your progress, you may appeal our decision. If your appeal is successful you will be granted one semester of probation.  The appeal process follows federal rules and you will be asked to:
    • explain and document the mitigating circumstances (e.g., major illness, death in the family, other special circumstance) that prevented you from meeting the required standards;
    • explain what has changed or will change for you so that you will be able to earn the required cumulative grade point average and meet the 70% credits earned threshold by the end of the probation period; and
    • detail how your degree will be earned within a maximum time frame of 150%, which is equivalent to 12 semesters if you are attending on a full-time basis, or 192 credits (including transfer credits). Please note that most financial aid programs are not available for this length of time.
  • During a semester of probation you may receive aid.  At the end of your period of probation you must meet the benchmarks (including earned credits and cumulative grade point average) we establish for you before you will receive aid again.


  • All attempted credits, including transfer credits, are included in our calculations unless there is a "W" assigned.
  • Some students need to enroll in our May term or in summer school. Be sure to have courses pre-approved at the Registrar's Office.