Honors Program

The Honors Program allows high-achieving students to receive an enhanced version of the educational experience that Saint Joseph’s College offers to its students. Honors students take special versions of the Inner Core courses in history, theology, philosophy, and ecology. That means that they satisfy the requirements of the Honors Program and many of the college-wide Core Curriculum requirements at the same time. It also means that students participate in the Honors Program regardless of whatever major they choose.

In addition, Honors students take a senior capstone course which allows them to tie together their previous coursework and pursue a project that relates to their interests and/or major.

Apart from their coursework, students in the Honors Program also get opportunities to experience cultural events in the greater Portland area, such as attending concerts and plays and visiting museums. In the past, Honors students have taken trips outside of Maine to places like Boston, Quebec City, and New York.

Students in the Honors Program are selected based on academic ability, record, and potential for success, and the courses in the program are offered only to Honors students. This allows them to explore topics in greater depth, work more closely with faculty, and develop friendships with students who have a similar academic profile and interests.

If you are interested in joining the program, contact one of the directors or your admissions counselor.