What our Employees Say

Lisa GetchellLisa Rodrigue
Shift Leader, Campus Services

Lisa loves her job. Here's why.

I started working at Saint Joseph's in 2000. My very first day here, I was greeted by a very friendly, kind staff. Everyone was very helpful with any questions or direction that I needed answered. It has been eight years since that first day; I am amazed at all the progress and growth that has taken place. What a beautiful place to work. I am so proud to say where I work. I have never heard a negative response about our community. It makes me feel so proud to be part of campus.

I have a son attending college here also. As a parent sitting with other parents at the orientation, I was very moved by all the speakers and topics. I left that day feeling excited to know my child was attending such a wonderful, caring, secure and beautiful place for the first time outside of my home. I went home and cried, because not only did I see it as a parent who was leaving their child to attend this wonderful community, but because I was a part of this also. It made me feel so proud to belong with so many wonderful people who work so hard and care so much about Saint Joseph's. It's a great place to work.

I absolutely love my job. It is one of the best experiences I have had in my whole life.

John MonroeJohn Munroe
Adjunct Faculty, Online Studies

It is a privilege for me to work closely with a very talented faculty.

For the past 16 years it has been a pleasure for me to be part of the Saint Joseph's College of Maine family. My association has been both as an instructor in the traditional college and in the distance education program. In both instances being able to be of service to this diverse community has been a joy. As part of this, I feel I have been able to contribute to the furthering of education in the Mercy mode.

It is a privilege for me to work closely with a very talented faculty, but I would be very remiss if I did not mention the presence of the Charism of the Sisters of Mercy that permeates the entire organization. We not only provide an academic education, but we also provide the atmosphere for personal growth of each student. This is not a "pious" statement. I continually receive feedback from students telling me so.

I give thanks to Saint Joseph's for providing me with this opportunity.

Sr. Mary KneelandSr. Mary Kneeland
Volunteer, Library

Saint Joseph's College is a caring community. We like each other - need I say more!!!

Most importantly, I believe Saint Joseph's College is a caring community. Its employees appear happy and content, and they greet each other in a cheerful and respectful manner. In times of sorrow and sadness, sympathy and encouragement are exhibited. In times of celebration and happiness, congratulations and good wishes are forthcoming. We like each other - need I say more!!!

Janice ReyJanice Rey
Assistant Professor of Education

The college fosters a strong sense of community.

Saint Joseph's College is truly a wonderful place to work and grow as an educator, a colleague, and a learner. The institution fosters a strong sense of community, and all are invited to participate in the college's mission and its work. It is truly a joy to teach and to learn here.

Tom NovakTom Novak
Career Services Director

The organizational culture is certainly spiritual without being preachy.

I have been working at Saint Joseph's College for nine years. I can honestly say that my time here has been pleasurable, challenging, rewarding, and enlightening. The organizational culture is certainly spiritual without being preachy, highly collegial among and within all employee levels, intellectually stimulating, and family- and student-centered. The college is a close-knit community that cares about the students and the work that we do. My family and I feel supported and important at St. Joe's, and I know yours would also.