SJC is going GREEN with Payroll!

As a reminder to previous communications, the plan is to increase efficiency and save costs with the current payroll process by having all employees receive direct deposit of their pay, view the payroll information electronically on ADP, and to eliminate paper pay statements and paychecks. By January 1, 2015 all employees will be required to have direct deposit and have their paper pay statements turned off.

If you have not already signed up for direct deposit, do so today!

There are two ways to sign up: 1. Log into the ADP Portal > Myself > Direct Deposit. All you will need is your account information. 2. Visit Human Resources and fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (please bring a voided check for this option).  Note: It takes two pay periods for your selections to become effective, therefore you will receive a paper check for the first pay period of your new/change direct deposit.

To turn off paper pay statements: Log in to the ADP Portal > Myself > Pay Statements > Go Paperless (link at the top of the screen). Then just follow the prompts to start receiving your pay statements electronically.  *Don’t forget to turn on notifications once the paper pay statement is shut off.

Online Time Off Requesting is HERE!

For those employees who use Earned Time, online requesting and approval of time off began on Monday, July 7, 2014. 

The process is simple.  Employees log in, access the Time Off Calendar, indicate the days they wish to use, verify the details of the request and submit it to their supervisor.  The supervisor receives a notice regarding the time off request.  They can then log in, review the request along with the available Earned Time for that employee and a calendar of any other time off requested and scheduled in the department.  If appropriate the supervisor can then approve the request.  Approved time off requests are then automatically added to the employee time card for the days/hours indicated.

Earned Time balances and time off schedules/calendars are easily accessed by both employees and supervisors.  This allows the supervisor to make a decision that is based on the needs of the department. The process is easy for both employee and supervisor.

Employees and supervisors can check out the learning bytes (2-minute online training videos offered by ADP) in advance of this feature becoming available at SJC:

NOTE: Because SJC allows a maximum of 2 weeks Earned Time to be carried over into the new fiscal year, the ‘Carryover’ function noted in these learning bytes is not relevant.  The Earned Time balances will be accurately reflected after the July 25th payroll is processed.  These balances are still printed on pay-statements.

Electronic Access to Pay Information is Here

ADP Workforce Now is now available!  Follow These Instructions to Register

Set yourself up and have electronic access to your pay statements and W-2s.  For SJC Employees, it's just a few clicks away.

NOTE:  ADP Workforce Now works best with Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or Mozilla Firefox.  It does not work well on Google Chrome (we do not recommend using Google Chrome for accessing this system)

ADP Workforce Now Kiosk (Easy Clock In/Out)

ADP Workforce Now Portal (Access to all your payroll info as well as Clock In/Out options)

The mission of our payroll staff is to ensure that all employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner and that necessary data, records and reports are maintained and submitted in accordance with acceptable business and regulatory standards.

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