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SJC is going GREEN with Payroll!

As a reminder to previous communications, the plan is to increase efficiency and save costs with the current payroll process by having all employees receive direct deposit of their pay, view the payroll information electronically on ADP, and to eliminate paper pay statements and paychecks. By January 1, 2015 all employees will be required to have direct deposit and have their paper pay statements turned off.

If you have not already signed up for direct deposit, do so today!

There are two ways to sign up: 1. Log into the ADP Portal > Myself > Direct Deposit. All you will need is your account information. 2. Visit Human Resources and fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (please bring a voided check for this option).  Note: It takes two pay periods for your selections to become effective, therefore you will receive a paper check for the first pay period of your new/change direct deposit.

To turn off paper pay statements: Log in to the ADP Portal > Myself > Pay Statements > Go Paperless (link at the top of the screen). Then just follow the prompts to start receiving your pay statements electronically.  *Don’t forget to turn on notifications once the paper pay statement is shut off.

Be Well

We have two new programs starting in October! 

A 4 week nutrition class will run on Thursdays at Noon starting October 9th.  You will learn about foods that can help you feel fuller longer, fight disease and improve digestion, the science behind how food gives your energy, why some fats and healthier than others, how to dish up the right portion size and ways to shop smarter at the grocery store.
A 5 week tobacco cessation program will run on Tuesdays at 11am starting October 28th.  The campus is tobacco free so we would like to help you learn techniques to cope with your tobacco during your workday.  In this course you will go over reasons you might use tobacco, the health risks involved with tobacco and ways to stay strong and resist the urge to use tobacco during your work day.

If you are interested in signing up for either program please register here:

If you have any questions contact Jenna Chase at  

Attainable Sustainable Waste Management Initiative

Here are just some of the ways that you can help keep SJC sustainable:

  • Carry any waste generated outside into buildings to waste stations and dispose of appropriately.
  • Place anything that is not recyclable in communal waste receptacles.
  • Individual offices have a blue single sort recycling receptacle with no liner... please use this container for all recycling - no trash in this container, and please rinse items that have had food in them before recycling.
  • Please help us to stay true to the mission of the College by developing a stewardship ethic among our whole community.

Living sustainably is directly in line with our College mission statement and our core values. Sustainability is also increasingly important to the Catholic Church and the Sisters of Mercy.

For more information about the latest news in sustainability at SJC, please visit


Benefit Forms

Have you ever asked “What form do I submit to HR to change my retirement contribution?” or “I want to change my supplemental life election, what form do I need to do that?”  Human Resources has created a library of printable forms to answer these and any other Forms related questions on our HR website

Please contact Heidi Jacques, Assistant Director of Human Resources for assistance with this or any benefit related matters at or x7756.