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Online Time Off Requesting is Coming!

For those employees who use Earned Time, online requesting and approval of time off will begin on Monday, July 7, 2014 after all Time Cards are approved.  This allows for a smooth transition to this new process.

The process is simple.  Employees log in, access the Time Off Calendar, indicate the days they wish to use, verify the details of the request and submit it to their supervisor.  The supervisor receives a notice regarding the time off request.  They can then log in, review the request along with the available Earned Time for that employee and a calendar of any other time off requested and scheduled in the department.  If appropriate the supervisor can then approve the request.  Approved time off requests are then automatically added to the employee time card for the days/hours indicated.

Earned Time balances and time off schedules/calendars are easily accessed by both employees and supervisors.  This allows the supervisor to make a decision that is based on the needs of the department. The process is easy for both employee and supervisor

NOTE: We ask that any earned time scheduled after July 6, be entered using this new process on Monday, July 7.

Employees and supervisors can check out the learning bytes (2-minute online training videos offered by ADP) in advance of this feature becoming available at SJC:



NOTE: Because SJC allows a maximum of 2 weeks Earned Time to be carried over into the new fiscal year, the ‘Carryover’ function noted in these learning bytes is not relevant. This Earned Time balance reset will be processed after the July 11th payroll in order to accommodate any Earned Time taken during that pay period.

More info will be coming as we get closer to this launch date, so watch your email.

Scheduling Meetings using Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is very useful tool for scheduling appointments and meetings. Many of our administrative staff use Microsoft Outlook to let others know what their schedule is. By using the Outlook Calendar, you are able to show when you are out of the office, when you are on vacation, when you are busy, and when you are available. With this tool, you will be able to view other calendars (such as the Human Resources Calendar) and set up appointments without having to make a call!

How to set up a meeting using Outlook:

Step 1: Log into your email account with Microsoft Office

Step 2: Under the “Home” tab, on the lower left-hand side of the window, click on “Calendar”

Step 3: Under the “Home” tab, click on “New Meeting,” a new window should open.

Step 4: In the box next to “To,” enter the email address for the person you would like to schedule a meeting with. Proceed to fill out the subject and location of the meeting.

Step 5: Select a start date and time slot that you would like to request.

Step 6: On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click Scheduling Assistant. The Scheduling Assistant helps you find the best time for your meeting.

Step 7: If you wish to add others to the meeting, click “Add Others” and select/enter other recipients

Step 8: Click the “Send” button and wait for further contact regarding your meeting.

Be Well

Summer is getting hot so spice up your fitness routine by joining us for a fitness class.  We have a class every day of the week so try one out and see what you like best!

Monday at Noon is Pilates with Theresa.  This class is great for all levels and helps with core strength, flexibility and lengthening your muscles.

Tuesday at Noon is pick-up basketball in the gym or Mission for Change – No Mercy with Thom.  Rev up your energy and feel the burn!  Get out of your comfort zone with this heart pumping, body moving, sweat flowing class!  You will be sure to work all muscle groups in this quick, fun workout.

Wednesday at 11:30am is Yoga with Kimberly.  This class will help increase strength and flexibility while building stamina and decreasing your stress level.

Thursday at 11:30am is Tabata with Jenna.  Get in 5 quick rounds of 4 minute exercise intervals that will get you energized in no time!  This class will use multiple props such as TRX, battling ropes, hand weights, resistance bands and gliders to name a few so that you will never get bored!  If interval training is not for you, join Tai Chi on Thursdays at 12:30pm.  Tai Chi incorporates stretching and turning into a sequence of movements that improve the health of body, mind, and spirit. It reduces tension, improves circulation and balance and increases strength and flexibility.

If you missed out on Tuesday you have another chance to torch some calories with Thom on Friday with his Mission for Change – No Mercy fitness class.

Attending Aqua Fitness or open/lap and swim are also great fitness opportunities for you here on campus.  To find out the current pool hours please go to

We have a wide variety of fitness DVDs that are free to use.  Please stop by the front desk to take a peek at our selection – we have new arrivals!

Any questions please contact Jenna Chase –

Benefit Information

Wellness Program Enhancements

In our commitment to partner with you as you strive to reach your wellness goals, Saint Joseph’s College has enhanced the reward incentives as of January 1, 2014.

Additionally, we understand the struggles of balancing the commitments of work, family, wellness and personal time. To ensure that employees have the time to schedule their annual preventive wellness services with their Primary Care Physician, full-time employees will be allowed to take a half-day off and be provided 4 hours paid time to attend their annual physical exam, regardless of whether or not they are covered under the College’s health insurance plan. (Note – the time off request will be coordinated with their supervisor for payroll purposes). We encourage our employees to take advantage of this new wellness option.

Please contact Heidi Jacques at x7756 should you have any questions.