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What to know about Open Enrollment

  1. The deadline to sign up for benefits is December 5, 2014 at 4:30pm.
  2. All benefit-eligible employees must log into ADP to electronically sign up for benefits even if you are choosing to waive all benefits.
  3. If you have any questions about the benefit selection process, please contact Heidi Jacques at

Reminder How to Register

  • Click Register Here
  • The SJC Registration Code is: stjosephco-ipay
  • Enter your name
  • Select last four digits of your SSN
  • Enter Date of Birth
  • Click Confirm
  • A message will be displayed saying that you can now register.
  • The rest of the self-registration process is completed based on answers you provide.

New Guidelines for Individual Contributions to the College’s Retirement Plan

As you may already know, the guidance for income levels and individual contributions to retirement plans such as the one we have at Saint Joseph’s College are indexed and increased periodically.

Effective for the tax year beginning January 1, 2015, individuals may contribute up to $18,000 in pretax contributions per year to their qualified 403(b) retirement account.  Individuals 50 years of age and above may contribute an additional $6,000 in pre-tax funds for a total of $24,000 per year.

Many financial planners suggest that contributing to your retirement account at work is a good way to save for retirement because your contributions go in before taxes and grow tax-free.  You may want to check with your financial planner to see if you should take advantage of this opportunity.

In order to take advantage of this retirement savings opportunity, please complete a Salary Reduction Agreement which you will find on the Human Resources website under Forms.

Direct Deposit Reminder:

To increase efficiency and reduce mailing costs, we are getting ready to switch to paperless pay checks and pay stubs. This means that everyone will need to be set up with Direct Deposit. This change will take effect on January 1, 2015. However, you do not need to wait to sign up and we recommend signing up today!

There are two ways to sign up for direct deposit:

  1. Visit your ADP Portal and electronically sign up by going to Myself > Direct Deposit > + (add new). (note: no voided check needed for this method).
  2. Come visit us in Human Resources to fill out a direct deposit authorization form (please bring a voided check if applicable).

After you sign up for direct deposit, please turn off your paper pay statements by going to Myself > Pay Statements and clicking on Go Paperless. It will walk you through deactivating the paper. Not to worry though! You will still receive a pay statement; it will be an electronic copy through ADP. Don’t forget to activate the email notifications so you will be alerted when you have a new statement on payday!

If you have any questions please contact Samantha Smith at or x7753 or Michelle Scribner at or x7738.

Upcoming Holidays

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24 - College closes at noon

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25 - Christmas Day

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26 to THURSDAY, JANUARY 1 - Campus closed for Extended Holiday

*The college will be open on January 2, 2015; earned time will need to be used if employees choose to take this extra day off.

Be Well

We want to hear from YOU!  Give us your feedback on the Wellness programs by filling out the Culture Audit whether you are a Cigna member or not.  We want to hear from everyone!!  Completing the survey will take only a few moments of your time and we appreciate your honest opinion when answering the questions.  The survey results (excluding names) will be published on the SJC Wellness page of the college’s website once all participants have completed the survey.  To access the survey click here:

Update on Parking Decals and Policy

Campus Safety is now administering new parking decals through January 15, 2015. Please stop in to renew your registration and make sure to bring: Current State Registration, Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance, and College ID.

The College is no longer proceeding with the authorization for payroll deduction of parking fines. However, employee parking privileges may be revoked based on these three violations:

  • Accumulation of three or more tickets in a semester
  • Parking fines left unpaid after 30 days (from date of ticket, unless  formally appealed)
  • Any repeat offense in a marked area (no parking, handicapped, visitor reserved, etc.) 

Campus Safety will be closely monitoring the parking lots for any vehicle that is in violation of any parking offense. For any questions in regards to parking violations or general parking questions, please feel free to contact Campus Safety in Standish Hall or at 207-893-6687.

Ergonomic Tip of the Month: Healthy Workstation Guidelines


  1. Raise or lower the seat to ensure your thighs are parallel to the floor with your feet flat on the floor or footrest.
  2. Adjust seat pan depth to maintain two inches of clearance between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat.
  3. Adjust the backrest height to comfortably fit the small of your back.
  4. Adjust the recline tension, if necessary, to support varying degrees of recline throughout the day. Avoid the use of recline locks.
  5. Lean back and relax in your chair to allow the backrest to support you upper body.


  1. Use an articulating keyboard support and position it 1 to 1.5 inches above your thighs. Angle the keyboard away from your body to keep wrists straight while typing. Rest your palms – not your wrists – on a palm support.


  1. Position your mouse close to the keyboard or over the numeric keypad to minimize reaching. Avoid anchoring your wrist on the desk. Instead, glide the heel of your palm over the mousing surface and use your entire arm to mouse.


  1. Position the monitor at least an arm’s length away with the top line of text at or slightly below eye level. Tilt the monitor away from you so your line of sight is perpendicular to the monitor.


  1. Position a task light to the side opposite your writing hand. Shine it on paper documents but away from computer monitors to reduce glare.


  1. Align the monitor and spacebar with the midline of your body and arrange frequently used work tools within easy reach. Prop reference documents between your body and the monitor with an in-line document holder.


  1. Take two or three 30 to 60 second breaks each hour to allow your body to recover from periods of repetitive stress.

If you have any questions please contact Carlene Lemieux at or x7754.