Sheena St. Hilaire

Sheena St. Hilaire '07 marketingSheena St. Hilaire '07 was recommended by her professor, Ed Hellenbeck, for summer intern work at IDEXX Laboratories, a nearby biotechnology firm. At the end of the summer, she was asked to stay through the school year. Once she earned her degree, she was able to take a full-time marketing position they offered her.

Who was helpful in the process?

Ed Hellenbeck is my advisor and I think by now I have taken every class he teaches. Everything he told me to do in class has proven true in the real world. If you work hard you will get recognized and rewarded - and I have.

Was the internship what you expected?

My internship was far more than I expected. I thought I would be making photocopies and getting coffee, and instead I was surveying customers and traveling to Wisconsin for trade shows. I have learned many new skills and was able to apply concepts I have learned in class. My internship experience has been one of the most valuable jobs I have ever had and has prepared me to begin my career.

What skills acquired in class have helped you in your internship?

Oral and written communication, presentation and organization skills have helped me every day at work. I am constantly e-mailing and phoning customers all over the U.S. and co-workers all over the world. It is really important to be concise and clear when talking with co-workers in other countries.

Would you recommend students to interning?

Absolutely. It is the best way to get your foot in the door. From my experience, if you are willing to work hard and prove yourself you will get noticed and rewarded 100 percent.