E-mail clients

Saint Joseph's College provides an e-mail account to all students. Students access their e-mail accounts through an Internet browser and use Web-based software called Outlook Web Access.

Log On

To log on, click on the Outlook Web Access go to: http://mail.sjcme.edu. You can also access it by going to MySJC and clicking on E-mail. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Once you have entered your username and password click Log On.
Note: (Your username will be in one of two formats.  Either it is your first initial and last name, or it is firstname.lastname.  Some examples: jsmith or john.smith . You may call the Information Technology department for verification of your account username.)

Your screen will look similar to the one below.

Mailbox Limits

All student e-mail accounts have a limit on how much e-mail is stored on our server.

  • 290 megabytes
    you will receive a warning message in your e-mail
  • 295 megabytes
    you will be prohibited to send e-mail and receive a warning
  • 300 megabytes
    both send and receive will be prohibited and you will receive a warning

When you receive one of these warnings you will have to delete some of your e-mail.

There is also an automated process in place that deletes ALL e-mails in your Deleted Items folder and deletes all e-mails older than 30 days in your Sent Items folder. This process happens automatically every Saturday night at midnight.