Academic server info

General Information

All students have access to our Academic server. This is a file server that allows students to access a secure folder that belongs to them and only them. This folder can be accessed from any computer that is properly configured to log onto the College's network. Each student has 25MB of dedicated space on the server, which is backed up nightly.

How to configure your Windows XP computer

In order to access your M: and I: drives using XP Home Edition, you must map the drives. After turning on your computer, and logging in (if applicable), click on the Start Menu. Once that opens, click on My Computer.

Once My Computer is opened, you will see My Network Places on the left hand side of the screen. Right click on My Network Places. A menu will pop up.

Select Map Network Drive.
M: Drive Instructions:
In the screen that opens, change the drive letter to M. In the field under drive, type in “\\\class of 200_\username” without the quotation marks (replace the _ in “200_” to the year in which you will graduate, and replace “username” with your username. For instance, John Student, graduating in 2006, would type in “\\\class of 2006\jstudent”).


Now click on Finish. Another screen will pop up. Enter your username and password to log in to your drive. For more information on usernames and passwords, please call 7851.

I: Drive Instructions:
Follow the directions above until you get to where it displays “M: Drive Instructions”. At this point, you should be in the Map Network Drive screen. Change the drive letter to I. In the Folder field, type \\\instructional and then click Finish. Note: If you have already put in your username and password for the M: drive, you will not have to do this again for the I: drive.