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Food & Drink

Beverages in covered containers are allowed.  When consuming food in the library please do so respectfully, being sure to properly dispose of waste.

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Cell Phones

Please make and take cell phone calls outside the library and silence ringers or set to vibrate when in the library.

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Collection Development Policy

Principles and guidelines upon which decisions are made when adding or withdrawing materials from the Library’s collection.

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Gift Policy

Wellehan Library has greatly benefited from donations of books and the generosity of donors has been much appreciated.  In order to balance the challenges gift materials present for the Library (storage, staff time and resources needed to assess and process) with opportunities to add high quality materials to the collection, the Library will accept donations of materials (books and DVDs only) on the following conditions:

  • The donor must be affiliated with Saint Joseph’s College.
  • The number of items donated must be small (1-5).
  • The items must be clean and in new condition. 
  • The items must be directly relevant to the curriculum.

Donations of materials that do not meet these conditions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.   Generally, the Library will not accept

  • textbooks
  • scattered or single issues of periodicals (unless needed to fill gaps in existing holdings)
  • popular trade/mass market paperbacks
  • items already owned by Wellehan Library and/or readily available in the Minerva consortium (Exceptions may be made for items directly relevant to the curriculum, authored by SJC faculty, etc.)

Library staff will determine whether or not an item will be added to the collection; donors may specify whether items not accepted are returned to them or recycled. Accepted donations become the property of Wellehan Library and decisions regarding their cataloging, shelving, use, and retention will be made by Library staff.

For questions and concerns regarding the library’s acceptance of gifts, contact Shelly Davis, Director of Library Services (893-7726 | sdavis@sjcme.edu.)

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Children in the Library

In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study for all users, the following policy provides guidelines regarding the presence of children in the Wellehan Library.

  • While in the library, all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent/adult guardian at all times. The parent/guardian is solely responsible for a child's welfare, safety and behavior.
  • Children, like all other library patrons, are expected to use the library in a quiet, orderly manner and abide by all library policies. Parents/adult guardians will be asked to remove children from the library if loud, disruptive or inappropriate behavior occurs.
  • If a child is in the library without a parent/adult guardian, staff will attempt to contact the child's parent/guardian. If that is not possible, the staff will contact campus security.

Access to Collections

In support of its educational mission, the library's resources are selected for the adult researcher and student. The library is not responsible for the content of anything a child views or hears while in the library.

User of Library Computers

  • Children aged 12-17 may use library computers only while under the direct supervision of a parent/adult guardian.
  • Library computers are not equipped with Internet filtering software that would prevent children from accessing inappropriate sites. Parents/adult guardians are solely responsible for monitoring use of the Internet by children under their supervision.

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Guest Computer Use

While Wellehan Library computers are intended primarily for the use of Saint Joseph’s College faculty, staff, and students, use will be granted to visitors who acknowledge and abide by the computer use policy.

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