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New campus sculpture: organic meets metallic
A new sculpture called “Forest of the Mind” graces the campus landscape thanks to art professor Scott Fuller, who created and donated the organic-looking piece to the college.
Literary magazine continues to bloom on campus
e.g. in Latin means literally “thanks to the example.” "Students study literature and create literature. It’s importa...
Portrait of a professor as a writer
English professor and author Edward Rielly has wide-ranging interests: Westerns and TV shows, the Vietnam era, haiku, Native American history and culture,...
People love loons
Biology instructor Camilla Fecteau explains how a beloved bird’s fate is linked to our own 
Inviting nurses to the table
As nurses take on leadership roles, they could change the health care landscape: A look at the future of nursing and its impact on patients
Meet Mark Friedman
Faculty member, Leadership MBA Mark Friedman, faculty member for the online Leadership MBA program, knows the increasing importance of a global perspective in education.
Miracolino: searching for a little miracle
How a four-leaf clover in far off Bosnia revealed a measure of faith for this professor
Movies and Religion: A Match Made in Heaven
MaryAnn Sheridan uses film to help students understand religious faith. According to renowned Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, in his life there are only two things: movies and religion.
News from our Staff and Faculty
New publications, presentations, awards & recognitions of our faculty and staff.
Counting on the Council
Theology professor Dr. Daniel P. Sheridan on the significance of the Second Vatican Council.
Students Afar: Senegal
Senior nursing students take stock of women's health in Africa
Reflecting on the Elk River incident
On the shore of a disaster: faculty address Elk River chemical spill.
What We Talk about When We Talk about The Hunger Games
There’s more to this pop culture phenomenon than meets the eye.