Class Notes, Fall 2005

Alumni, we would like to hear from you! Please update your file with name and address changes, advanced degrees/honors received, changes in employment or family statistics, and other important information.

Sr. Mary George O’Toole, RSM, Philip Rigano ’74 and wife Sheila

Sr. Mary George O’Toole, RSM, visited with Philip Rigano ’74 and wife Sheila of San Diego, Calif., who stopped by in August while bringing their son to MIT.


Mary Frances McCarthy Lawler '76 of Sharon, N.H., was honored on Aug. 11, 2005, upon her retirement after forty years of continuous service at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center. Mary Frances and her husband plan to enjoy their retirement spending more time with family and friends, camping, reading, and catching up on projects around the house.


Kathy O 'Donnell Lacey '81 of Stoneham, Mass., wrote to let us know she is married (see Wedding Bells) and is a nurse at Children's Hospital.

June LaPierre Kolenda '81 called to update her mailing address. She is now back on the East Coast, living in Stow, Mass. She and husband Brian are enjoying their son, Wesley, who was born on Feb. 5, 2003.

Martha Horr DeCesere '85 of Raymond, Maine, is a full-time faculty member in the nursing department and enjoys teaching a new generation of nursing students and the fact that her daughter is now a student at SJC.


David T. George '92 of Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., writes that he was appointed the Director of Cochran School of Nursing on May 16, 2005.

Stephen Hodge '90 and Pauline Burn Hodge '88 of Windham, Maine, wanted to share that they celebrated their 13th anniversary. Pauline and Stephen have two boys, 12-year-old Stephen Hodge II and 9-year-old Andrew Hodge. Both are following in their dad's footsteps and love basketball and baseball.

William Traynham '95 writes that he is now the Global Compliance Auditing Manager at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Andover, Mass.

Greg Post '96 of Westbrook, Maine, recently joined the staff at NL Partners, a strategic marketing and advertising firm in Portland, Maine.


Kathryn Crowley '00 writes that she is living in Essex Junction, Vt., and is employed at Vermont Teddy Bear Co. as an operations trainer. She and Chris Forleo '01 are busy planning an October 2006 wedding. Chris is working as a computer technician in Winooski, Vt.

Jessica Bechard '02 is currently working as a fourth grade teacher at McMahon School in Lewiston, Maine, and planning an October 2006 wedding. Jessica's sister, Kimberly, is a first-year student at Saint Joseph's.

Lori Willis Rumery '03 graduated with a Master of Science as an Adult Nurse Practitioner in May 2005 from the University of Southern Maine. She is working as a hospital-based NP at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine, and resides in Gorham, Maine.

Leah Madigan '03 moved to New York City in November 2004 to pursue a dream to dance. She is a member of the professional jazz company, Push Factor. She performs in the Tri-State area and throughout New England. Push Factor will perform in Italy next July. Leah is also making plans for her October 2006 wedding.

Chris Renaud and Christine Patman Renaud

Christopher Renaud ’02 poses with Tina Patman Renaud ’02.

Christopher Renaud '02 participated in the Univ. of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine White Coat Ceremony to recognize the transition students make from laypeople to assuming the responsibility of being a physician. He is a first-year medical student and lives with wife Christine Patman Renaud '02 in Gorham, Maine.

Susanne Conley of Plymouth, Mass., has been appointed as the new secretary of the Board of Directors for the Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses (APON). Susanne is nearing graduation from the SJC Graduate & Professional Studies program. Her daughter, Sarah Conley, is a 2002 graduate.

Kelly Cyr '05 was named NCAA Woman of the Year from Maine on the basis of her achievements in academics, athletics, and community leadership.

Heidi Harmon '05, Naples, Maine, is teaching social studies at Catherine McAuley High School in Portland, Maine.

Wedding Bells

Kathy O'Donnell '81 of Stoneham, Mass., was married to Jim Lacey on Aug. 27, 2005.

Laurieanne Carson '88 was married to Brett Emery in Aruba on June 24, 2005. They are residing in Salem, Mass.

Brian P. Harrison '90 was married to Cindy Hui-Ling Yang in May of 2005. They are residing in Ashburn, Va.

Scott Jones '93, Portland, Maine, was married to Sarah Gould on Aug. 27, 2005.

Michael Field '94 and Carla Couto '95 were married in Fall River, Mass., on July 16, 2005. They are residing in Portland, Maine.

Amanda Leonard '03 and Jeffrey Ruth '03 were married on June 18, 2005. A.J. and Jeff are residing in Windham, Maine.

Sarah Stone '01 and Jeff Kaplan were married May 28, 2005 in York, Maine. They live in Woburn, Mass.

Honi Bean '02 and Paul Barrett were married July 22, 2005, at St. Michael's College in Vermont. They live in Essex Junction, Vt.

Dan Mitchell, Fr. John and Dan's wife Julia

Congrats: Dan Mitchell ’02, Father John Tokaz and Dan’s wife, Julia, smile for the camera.

Dan Mitchell '02, of New Bedford, Mass., was married to Julia Parodi in Derry, N.H., on Aug. 5, 2005. Fr. John Tokaz, OFM, was concelebrant.

Michelle Stacey Tingley '83 and Daniel True were married on Aug. 20, 2005. They are residing in Portland, Maine.

Laura Davis '99 and Ty Drown were married on Sept. 17, 2005, and are residing in Arundel, Maine.

James Farrenkopf '01 and April Lucas '04 were married on July 30, 2005. They are now residing in Westbrook, Maine, but will be relocating to a new home in Waterboro, Maine.

Alisha Langway '04 and Anthony Hinse were married on July 9, 2005, and live in South Portland, Maine.

Denise Demers '85 was married to Bernard Blais on Oct. 7, 2005. They are residing in Biddeford, Maine. Denise is a member of the SJC Nursing faculty.

Kevin Benoit '02 was married to Trisha Benoit on Aug. 13, 2005, and they are living in Portland, Maine.

Jessica Bechard '02 will be married to Denney Philippon on Oct. 14, 2006.

Gregory Dumais '03 married Sarah Caron on Aug. 27, 2005, and they are residing in Lewiston, Maine.

Jennifer Donovan '04 and Matthew VanDerburgh '04 were married on Aug. 12, 2005, and they are residing in Saco, Maine.

Jeffrey Yaeger '04, Westbrook, Maine, was married to Michelle Huitt on Aug. 20, 2005.

Christopher Willer '04 and wife Jill were married on July 14, 2005, and are living in South Portland, Maine.

Jennifer St. Peter '05 was married to Travis Michaud on July 22, 2005, and they reside in Caribou, Maine.

New Additions

Congratulations to ...

Christopher Ryan '92 and his wife Amy of Boston, Mass., on the birth of their first child, Joseph Gabriel, on Sept. 3, 2005.

Jason '93 and Theresa Cahill King '93 of New Fairfield, Conn., on the birth of their son Dillon Thomas on May 15, 2005. He joins big brother Sean Patrick.

Jennifer Vercoe Ruggiero '01 and husband Eric of Rennsselaer, N.Y., on the birth of their first baby, Mason John, on June 27, 2005.

Chelsey Quinn Gonzalez '99, South Paris, Maine, is very proud to announce that her third child, Jeremy Onslow Gonzalez, was born on July 16, 2005, and her fourth child by adoption, 13-year-old Natasha Shantel Gonzalez, was adopted on October 5, 2005.

Debbie Penta Lindholm '94 and Jon Lindholm '93, Rowley, Mass., on the birth of their son Jack Thomas on July 21, 2005. He joins big sister 4-year-old Elisabeth, and big brothers Ryan and Brady, who are both 2 years old.

Elizabeth Egan Mallett '94 and Marc Mallett '94, Pembroke, Mass., on the birth of their daughter Molly Josephine on May 28, 2005. She joins big brother 3-year-old Jack Henry.

Donna and William Traynham '95 of Londonderry, N.H., on the birth of their second son, Matthew Peter, on Aug. 30, 2005. He joins big brother 2½-yr-old Joshua William.

Ken and Jennifer Kaplan Robeau '95 of Worcester, Mass., on the birth of their daughter Emma Rose on Nov.12, 2004.

Sean and Jodi Neff Myron '96, Londonderry, N.H., on the birth of their second daughter, Bridget Addison, on May 26, 2005. She joins big sister 2-year-old Alanna.

Jeff '98 and Kristie Skilling Fecteau '99 of Gray, Maine, on the birth of their son Zachary Robert on Aug. 12, 2005.

John and Erin Gaffney Normand '99 of Manchester, N.H., on the birth of their first child, Camden Michael, on Nov. 12, 2004.

Paul and Kathy Kelley-Cochrane on the birth of Abigail Rose Cochrane on Sept. 8 at Mile 52 of the Maine Turnpike! Abigail joins big sister, Molly, 2½, and Hannah, 16. Paul is the director of course development for GPS and Kathy is an academic advisor for GPS. The family resides in Raymond, Maine.

Condolences and Prayers

To the family and friends of Irene Dubay Nadeau '62, Texas, on her death in September 2005.

To Martha and David Moravick '81 of Biddeford, Maine, on the death of Martha's dad, Earle Roger Rumery, on July 24, 2005.

To Cynthia Elliott Rice '82 and husband Willie, Poland, Maine, on the death of Cindie's dad, Fred Elliott, on Oct. 2, 2005.

To the family of Nerissa P. Berbano '86 of Falls Church Va., on her death July 3, 2005.

To Richard Russell '86, Gorham, Maine, and Stephen Russell '87, Gorham, Maine, and Ann and Mark Farley '84, Scarborough, Maine, on the death of their brother, Mark E. Russell, on Aug. 7, 2005.

To the family of Kelly Flynn '00, Stoneham Mass., on her death on July 28, 2005.

To the family of Marjorie Muenchausen Baker '01, Savannah Ga., on her death in December of 2003.

To the family and friends of Justin Williams, of Freeport, Maine, a friend of the College, who died on Sept. 2, 2005.

To Janie Joyce, senior program assistant in financial aid, on the death of her dad, David Dyer, on Nov. 7, 2005.

The College recently received notice of the death of Willis Michel White '94 of Deland, Fla.