The Master Plan: Saint Joseph’s College in the next 10 years

entrance to college

The unveiling of the new Saint Joseph's Master Plan is just around the corner, as the Board of Trustees in December will review a proposed plan that defines the next stage of growth for the College - some of it based on increasing enrollment to 1,400 students on campus over the next 10 years.

In March, the College hired Einhorn, Yaffee and Prescott (EYP) of Boston to provide architectural and site planning services, and the firm learned about Saint Joseph's through meetings with the steering committee, senior staff and focus groups, including alumni.

"They wanted to know who we are, where we're at now, and where we want to go," says Dan Gearan, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction. According to Gearan, as the student population grows, the infrastructure has to grow as well. "That means housing, classrooms, study space, dining space, athletic space, and student amenities - all the different pieces have to grow," he says. The Master Plan, he notes, will suggest locations and timing for all of this to happen.

Planned growth on campus will increase enrollment to 1,400 students! 

As mentioned in the President's message on the facing page, the College is looking to build a new residence hall, nursing/science building, worship space and athletic fields; renovate the library; create more space for student amenities; and expand existing facilities such as the dining hall. These are all aspects of the Master Plan, along with plans for the newest acreage on the other side of Whites Bridge Road and how to address parking needs.

After assessing the needs of the College and its existing physical facilities, EYP developed four overall options for moving ahead, which were later narrowed down to two and then to one. Future issues of the magazine will provide all the interesting details of what will happen when - and where on campus it will happen!